a ‘waterproof’ speaker that works with Alexa and is perfect for home and on the go

Sonos Roam is a speaker with incredible audio quality, which the brand has already accustomed us to. Moreover, it is characterized by compatible with Alexa and with him google assistant so that users can use it even without unlocking the mobile.

This Sonos device is waterproof, with an IP67 certification. The number 6 on this certification signifies that the product has proven to be fully protected against dust and water. On the other hand, 7 reports that the speaker held for 30 minutes to be immersed in water at a depth between 15 cm and 1 meter.

The sound of Sonos Roam

When buying a loudspeaker, one of the most important aspects to consider is the sound. In order for the audio to be quality despite its small size, the developers have introduced two Class H amplifiers and a mid-woofer. which helps mid and low tones to be reproduced.

The device to technology ‘Automatic TruePlay’ which makes it possible the sound adapts according to its environment and speaker orientation. Thus, users can choose between placing it vertically or horizontally.

Like other Sonos products, this speaker is AirPlay compatible and has a “sound changer” tool to transfer the sound to any other device of the brand that the user has. Thanks to this feature, the whole household can play the same podcast or the same song so that the person can move around and listen to what they want without any problem.

Sonos Roam Design

The speaker measures 168mm high, 62mm wide and 60mm deep. Its small dimensions and its weight of 0.43 kg make it a product ideal to take it everywhere if you wish.

Its appearance is quite reminiscent of the brand’s other devices, standing out for its minimalism and elegance. The model is available in several colors, but all of them have a matte finish:

  • shadow black (Negro).
  • Lunar White (White).
  • Sunset (orange).
  • Vague (azure).
  • olive (green).
The speaker is available in five colors.
The speaker is available in five colors.
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Sonos Roam Autonomy

The device is wireless, so it can be used without being permanently connected to the power supply. For this, it has an 18 Wh battery that offers the device autonomy up to 10 hours.

Once it needs to be charged, users can resort to either a normal Type-C charger or the Sonos Roam wireless and magnetic charger which costs $49. The brand’s accessory promises a full charge in about 2 hours.

Ideal for home and also for the street

Sonos Roam allows users to use it with the connection Wireless from home, recommended if you want to improve the sound quality. However, it also allows users to fall back on the Bluetoothwhen they go abroad and have no network to connect to.

The speaker is ideal for home and outdoor use.
The speaker is ideal for home and outdoor use.
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SCORE: 9.5

  • THE BEST: its size and design and the integration of Alexa
    THE WORST: its price may be out of budget for some exchanges

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