What are the best-selling ten-peseta coins?

Numismatics has been followed for a long time, although it is on the rise again. Some coins that are no longer in circulation, such as pesetas, or commemorative coins made in small series to celebrate an event or pay homage to a personality or an institution, over time they acquire a more than interesting value.

Although many continue to think and calculate in pesetas, the truth is that they ceased to be used in our country twenty years ago. These could be exchanged for euros in the branches of the Bank of Spain until June 30, 2021. From that moment, anyone who still has coins of this type, in addition to keeping them as a souvenir, can sell them at a good price if you have a valuable specimen.

Precious pesetas today

Taking as reference the information of specialized portals such as collectorsdemonedas.com, Foronum and Todo Colección, these are ten of the copies of peseta that reach a higher value Currently:

25 peseta coin from 1995. The characteristic central hole of these “five duros” pieces makes them unmistakable. Dedicated each year to an Autonomous Community, collectors can give it up to 100 euros.

Commemorative peseta coin from 1987. Minted on the occasion of the Third National Numismatic Exhibition, this is a small-edition copy which fetches around 45 euros among collectors.

50 peseta coin from 1984. These large specimens of 50 peseta coins (since they predate the monetary system introduced in 1990), can be sold for 60 or 70 euros.

1983 100 peseta coin. It is a gold coin of the emblematic “twenty duros” whose value is around 55 euros.

5 peseta coin from 1975 . A very popular commemorative coin, because it was made to celebrate the 1982 World Cup (the reason for which appears on the reverse), even if some mistakenly read the year 1975. Its price is between 350 and 400 euros.

1966 100 peseta coin. These are large silver coins made in 1966 and 1969, which are the most expensive. It reaches a value of 145 euros. In addition, some copies have a defect at the level of the number 9, which increases its price to 400 euros.

2.5 peseta coin from 1953. It is a difficult task to find this piece, so people who have one in good condition can pocket up to 1,700 euros.

50 cent coin from 1949. These coins, which ceased to be minted in 1965, had a limited mintage in 1951 for the II National Numismatic Exhibition. They bear the inscription “E-51”, which currently sell for 500 euros.

5 peseta coin from 1949. Some models of that year have never been put into circulation, so they multiply their value. These famous duros were minted until 1952 and can currently fetch prices between 12,000 and 20,000 euros depending on their condition.

1947 peseta coin. This is when Franco’s face began to appear on the coins. These “blondes” are currently at prices reaching 1,400 euros depending on the state of conservation in which they are.

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