“We delayed the holidays because of the reception”

The name of Paul Erroz joins the queen’s list of new fetish creators Joy (49), who follows tireless in its work in favor of Spanish fashion, with nods to local industry. His royal inn in Majorca had a protagonist in the shade, Root, the designer of the queen’s latest premiere skirt with which he carried one of his best looks so far this summer.

The choice of this creator was not fortuitous. First of all, she is Majorcan, so the queen pays homage to her guests through her image. Moreover, it is a sustainable business in which local craftsmanship prevailsa philosophy that fits perfectly with the ideology fashion from the mother Leonor (16) y Sofia (fifteen). It is known that in recent years he has added many brands to his wardrobe slow mode how is.

Proud and grateful for this opportunity, Pablo Erroz speaks for SPANISH of the experience that brought him to light and made his name and his work known to the general public. It’s the icing on a long professional career in which he received major industry awards, having trained in the ranks of Inditex and being dubbed by vogue as a worthy “heir of the cool New Yorker”.

Mallorcan designer Pablo Erroz.

Mallorcan designer Pablo Erroz.

Inigo Vega.

Now Skirt ikatPoints, whose price is 1.045 euros, and that Letizia passed through Valldemossa, gives her a lot of joy. Entirely handmade by local workshops and made of 100% cotton, it is made to measure and the delivery time varies between three and six weeks.

Were you surprised to receive this order from Casa Real?

The truth is that it was exciting and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. We are very happy that this day has arrived.

What can you say about the queen’s skirt, process?

It is an exclusive design made to measure for her, born from the reinterpretation of one of the last dresses that we presented during the last edition of MBFWMADRID. The design is made with ikat fabric, which recovers one of the oldest traditional techniques in Mallorca and whose design is exclusive to us, created in collaboration with the artisan workshop Textil Bujosa. With this premise, where fabric was the base, a custom design was created for the queen.

What does this public support from Letizia mean for you and for Majorcan fashion?

In addition to the enormous impact it has in the media, it is an honor for us that Letizia bets on a brand like ours and, at the same time, on the recovery of age-old techniques and crafts that are on the way to extinction. Nothing more durable than that. On the other hand, the fact that he chose it for such a special event as the Royal Summer Inn and in a key location like Mallorca, gives him even more emotion.

The Queen, in Valdemossa with her first skirt.

The Queen, in Valdemossa with her first skirt.


How do you rate Letizia’s work as a Spanish fashion ambassador?

She and her stylist do a great job of supporting and bringing visibility to the industry.

What impact did the Queen releasing this skirt have on the brand, have you received orders for the same model?

The impact is incredible and only a few hours have passed. We were almost in vacation mode, but since the news broke, we have been working non-stop. We will have to postpone them, with pleasure that yes, for a few more days. Coincidences of life, it coincided that the very day Letizia put on the skirt was my birthday. It is therefore one of the most beautiful gifts I have received.

[Letizia, sobresaliente con una espectacular falda estampada de estreno y un especial guiƱo a Palma]

Let’s make a little history of your company.

Pablo Erroz is my homonymous brand and a multidisciplinary project created in 2012. My collections are born by interpreting the fusion of the most street with simple, sophisticated luxury, updated for new times, with an approach to craftsmanship. It works according to a timeless annual proposal that unites summer and winter, thus eliminating the seasons and evoking a friendlier and more environmentally friendly consumption.

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