Vinyls resurrect in NFTs to become cult investments

The bone NFT they already have sneak into the sports industry to shore up his futureand now they manage to break into music to broaden their reach, threatening to become cult digital objects that parallel vinyl, those jewels of the past that have regained their popularity as a fetish for music lovers.

And that’s when, when the British rock band Muse public their ninth album In the format NFT August 26, launch of the group led by the singer Matt Bellamy will become the first accepted crypto format asset when preparing the bestseller and listened to lists of the UK and Australia.

A detail that may seem minor, but which is better understood in its context.

The last time that the British institution responsible for drawing up these official lists, the Official Chart Company (OCC)included a new format in its list of products consumed by the public in 2015.

At that time, the OCC began to consider as an option to calibrate which songs were most consumed by listening on streaming platforms, such as Spotifyin a move that laid the groundwork for consolidating a new form of monetization within the music industry.

With the acceptance of albums in the format NFT as official products consumed by the audience of a band or singer, therefore, the CCO This opens the door to a whole new market for artists, who can find in these crypto assets a new way to interact with their followers, as well as fatten their income through the crypto market.

The intersection of NFTs between the digital universe and collection

“Just as vinyl, cassettes, CDs and even minidiscs have been embraced on the charts, so too will we welcome NFTs,” said Martin Talbot, CEO of the CCOin the statement issued by the institution to make public the inclusion of these cryptoassets in their lists.

“Throughout its seven decades, the official charts have always strived to evolve with the times, reflecting the consumption of new formats and all new forms of music distribution, as they evolve.” he added.

As with the idea of ​​owning an NFT of a digital image, the logical question for many consumers, of course, may be what an NFT brings to a song or album that can no longer be enjoyed on any platform. streaming.

And faced with this doubt, the creator of Serenadeplatform that will distribute Muse’s NFTs, is clear: these crypto assets will blur the line between the digital world and physical collection.

These NFTs, which will be called digital pressingswill be, according to the creator of Serenade, Max Shan“premium vinyl for the web”.

“They offer full sound and unique artwork, as well as unlockable rewards,” Shand explained on his Twitter.

According to information released by Warner RecordsMuse’s NFT format album will retail for £20 and will be limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

The supply of the product is therefore relatively rare, giving it a collector’s aura to which are also added some additional “benefits”.

With their purchase, users will receive a downloadable version of the album that will be digitally signed by the band members. Each original buyer will also permanently register their name in a list of linked buyers compiled by the platform.

Thus, NFTs are gaining traction in the music industry, vying to become a key new format in the range of options available to an artist or content creator who wishes to distribute their work. The always futuristic MuseFor now, they are already targeting this market.

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