“Tonight, I win” received a new spade from its VIP competitors: “I find it very unfair”

tonight I win published this tuesday his second gala on Telecinco. A delivery with the se sunk in the hearings stay below double digits and one million viewers; and in which its competitors they collided again. Michelle Calvo was this time the protagonist of anger, after facing Patricia Montero in the ‘Orchestral Maneuvers’ event. They had to demonstrate their musical talents there and perform well-known songs with different instruments. His teammates had to guess what topics they were talking about.

'Tonight I win' was created with a lime and a sand due to the attitude of its competitors

‘Tonight I win’ was created with a lime and a sand due to the attitude of its competitors

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The former’s anger came in the second round, in which he broke the rules without realizing it. Caroline Cerezuela He showed the footage that corroborated his error. “We’re going to have to cancel this point because it’s proven that you hummed and it’s forbidden,” he explained, “I know sometimes it’s not done consciously, it comes out spontaneously.” “What anger!”, launched angrily the participant, frustrated by what happened. His opponent complied and, on his next attempt, Calvó was equally upset.

“Courage Michelle, we can fix this! What to do is not to hum,” they supported him from the program team. “Yes! Yes ! “, she replied before remembering that” you could not do anything else too. But hey…”. Trying to interpret the Happy Birthday with a violin, the actress decided to quit because she was not getting the result she wanted. “It’s just shit!” shout. He then apologized, but failed to get his team to guess the song. Meeting them again, he insisted on his complaints. “I find it very unfair,” he said.

“I’m going to be very honest and if you can’t some things, you can’t some things. Maybe I’m humming inside and guessing. But you couldn’t make gestures, you couldn’t do things…”, he explained after Cerezuela asked him about his anger, “and I’m not saying it for Patri because ‘in the end, everyone has to play’. The contestant didn’t take kindly to her rival being allowed to move her arms in a certain way, as they didn’t consider her move to be conditioned.

Victory of Cerezuela over Christian

Not only do VIP competitors take part in tonight I win, as well as their presenters. While in the first Gálvez was the winner of his particular duel, his partner won in the second part of the Escalada vertiginosa test. With his victory, he obtained an advantage for his team (Rubí) in the group examination. During the test, they had to climb a complicated circuit.

The goal was to get to the end before the others and dye a giant little pig the color of his teammates. “My God, what a size!” exclaimed Cerezuela after winning and seeing herself six meters off the ground.

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