Three cabin suitcases to start our vacation on the right foot

Now that we are close to the Virgen de Agosto, we can start thinking about getaways or trips to rest from routine and work. And although in case of departure for a weekend or a few days, many of us are in favor of taking a backpack, cabin suitcases can be an excellent alternative.

The ace cabin suitcases their main characteristic is that they are small or medium in size, since they must be able to be placed in the luggage rack of the aircraft. These allow you to store enough for quick getaways without having to carry a lot of weight on your back.

At ConsumptionClaro we recommend some cabin luggage models for your future trips.

JASLEN Cabin Suitcase

A “small” size cabin suitcase that has a USB connection to recharge the mobile from it to facilitate long waits in airports or stations. It is a rigid but lightweight suitcase that includes a three-digit TSA security system.

Among the most striking features of this model is the possibility of increasing the useful space of the suitcase by 35%. It complies with the hand luggage regulations of EasyJet, Iberia, Ryanair and other companies.

JASLEN cabin suitcase at €85.48

Suitcase Alexander Milano

If we are looking for a useful and functional cabin suitcase that does not escape our budget, then Alexander Milano may be the best option.

It is a 52 liter capacity suitcase with an aluminum telescopic handle and a three-digit numeric padlock. In addition, depending on the manufacturers, it is accepted to carry in the cabin on EasyJet, Iberia, Air Europa, Norwegian, Lufthansa, etc. The material is waterproof and the wheels turn in all directions.

Suitcase Alexander Milano at 55,99 €

American Tourister 41 liters

Suitcases for many can be expensive, but the reality is that the differences between a 50 or 60 euro model and one over 100 are quite significant, especially in terms of quality. American Tourister is one of the big brands and assures us of a suitcase that, as soon as we take care of it, will last us for many years.

This suitcase, available in eight colors, has a capacity of 41 liters and a three-digit TSA lock to close it securely. It is made of polypropylene, which is not only a very resistant cover, but also very light (2.6 kilograms) and has 360º rotating wheels.

American Tourister 41 liters for €124.99

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