this Samsung can be yours for 319 euros

The market is saturated with large TV models, but there aren’t many quality 32-inch models. One of those that offers, in fact, better quality in this format is Samsung, and it is that this Korean manufacturer has this model Q50 in its catalogthat if you hurry you can take it home with a very big discount.

Thanks to Amazon we will be able to bring home this fantastic 32-inch TV from the Korean manufacturer with a reduction of neither more nor less than 36%. Next, we are going to see a little more than what this particular model offers us.

It has a minimalist design

Starting to talk about the design of this TV, the truth is that we are going to find a TV with minimalist design. This Samsung Q50 offers slightly larger bezels than other corporate TVs, but without getting boring. It also has two V-shaped feet that are much better designed than those used by other cheaper Samsung models. On the other hand, the back part presents a simple elaboration that can be placed on a wall without too many problems.

As far as connectivity is concerned, we are not going to find many surprises either. This 32-inch Samsung Q50 features three HDMI 2.0 inputsas well as with two USB 2.0 ports for us to connect storage devices directly to our TV. In addition to these ports, this Samsung model also has an Ethernet port and digital audio output, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The sound section of this TV is also pretty well covered, actually being much better than other TVs in the same price range. It has two speakers with 20 Wwhich, combined with technologies such as Dolby Digital Plus and OTS Lite they make this 32-inch Q50 sound exceptional. Granted, if you’re looking for a more cinematic experience, you’ll need to get some external sound equipment, but its own sound section is quite remarkable on its own.

Exceptional image quality

The first thing we should review about this Samsung Smart TV it’s not 4k. 32-inch screens tend to rely more on Full-HD resolution which takes better advantage of the more compact size of the panel that mounts the TV. This does not mean that this Q50 from the Korean company is a bad model, because in fact it has a better optimized image that will take full advantage of this resolution. Using Quantum Dot technology, this TV is capable of reproducing 100% color volume.

Along with this, we cannot ignore the fact that this television model is compatible with technologies that improve the image even more, if possible, such as HDR10+ or ​​contrast enhancer. Plus, it has a low-latency mode for video games, making it an ideal TV for gaming with your gaming console (although it doesn’t have HDMI 2.1).

We cannot ignore the operating system. This Samsung has Tizen operating system, which gives access to a large number of applications of all kinds, like all the streaming applications available. We are talking about Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or YouTube, to give just a few examples. In addition, it is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa.

This TV has a normal price on Amazon of 499 euros, but thanks to this fantastic offer you can get it for only 319 euros. Amazon gives us the option of making a one-time payment, or paying it in 4 easy installments.

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