this is the easiest way to eat kiwi

Naturally, in ice cream, in a milkshake… the Kiwi It is one of the richest fruits that exist. Thanks to its small size and tender meat, it becomes a to taste perfect to eat if we have little time. In addition, it is very comfortable, since the ways of extracting the pulp There are several of them and everyone can choose the one that suits them best.

For example, there are people who decide to peel the fruit, although it does require a knife and a bit more time. Others have already gone to spoon, swallowing it as if it were yogurt. For those looking for a little more technical elegantbut just as comfortable and clean, it can be a great alternative.

How to eat a kiwi easily

Although the ways mentioned above are valid, you will probably end up with quite sticky hands from the juice. Thanks to social networkswe have discovered the perfect way to eat a kiwi, valid for everyone, with which we do not go dirty and it can even be considered elegant.

You only need one chopped off or a vase glass, a knife and as many kiwis as you want to eat. To start, you need to cut the fruit in half lengthwise. With one hand he grabs the glass and with the other one of the halves. When introducing the kiwi into the glass, you must rub each half along the side of the container, as close to the skin as possible, as if your intention was to nail it.

A very comfortable trick

With this introduction, the skin of the fruit will be detached from the meat, so when you put it all the way, the kiwi will fall into the glass. You have to do the same with all the halves you want. Then you just have to take a spoon and eat it comfortably.

What are the properties of kiwi

This particular fruit offers great Advantages to our body. Undoubtedly, its role in digestion is crucial thanks to the amount of fiber it contains, so it will be a good ally if you want to reduce the constipation.

Moreover, it is characterized by its richness in potassium there vitamin Cfundamental substances to obtain a strong immune system that helps us to fight diseases. Yet, not all strains are created equal.

What are the differences between kiwi varieties

Green kiwi, the most acidic

The skin of this variety is much more hairy and rough, with a green interior laden with small black seeds. Its taste tends to be acid instead of sweet, although the fiber content is higher.

yellow kiwi, gold

It is recognizable by its skin, because unlike the green kiwi, the surface is Lisa and a lighter brown. Its interior is yellow and it contains fewer seeds than green. However, the main difference is the flavorbecause it is much sweeter because it contains more fructosenatural fruit sugar.

Red kiwi, the sweetest

Surely you did not know of its existence. This variant is usually yellowish in color, although the center – the heart white – usually has a reddish color. Although this may seem like a strategy to bring out the fruit, it is a natural modification of the pigment and also, it has much more flavor soft than the rest.


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