these are the powers of the new OnePlus 10T 5G

Like every year, and just a few months after the presentation of the latest top of the range OnePlus, the 10 Pro, the company’s second “top of the range” for this season arrives, the 10T 5G. And we have to recognize that, until now, the strategy of having not one, but two florets per year, has given very good results to the company. Not in vain, only the 10 Pro accounts for 15% of the company’s profits so far this year.

To begin with, the new terminal is, in Antutu performance tests, the most powerful phone of the moment, with a stratospheric score of 1,141,383 points. Only one device, the Apple iPad Pro, with its new M1 processor and over 1.2 million points, topped that figure in the test.

The terminal, as expected, opens new abilities and features, including a version with 16 GB of RAM and a fast charging system of up to 150 W, for which you must implement a new, more efficient cooling system.

But also lose things, like the characteristic sliding side button to silence the mobile, present in all OnePlus terminals to date. According to the company itself, the “amputation” was necessary to free up “necessary space in the device to add important new technologies”. Technologies such as 150W super fast charging that requires two charging pumps instead of one, or the new 360º antenna that allows connect much faster to any networkeven in the most adverse situations, such as crowded concerts or sporting events.

On this occasion, in addition, the OnePlus 10T does not have a Hasselblad camera either, like the 10 Pro, the consequences of which will have to be assessed in the tests. According to the company itself, “The OnePlus 10T is positioned differently from the OnePlus 10 Pro, a device that is and remains OnePlus’ choice for those who want a full Hasselblad camera for second-generation mobiles.” .

That said, we’re up against a 6.7-inch Fluid Amoled FHD+ display with up to 980 nits brightness and up to 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, so it’s up to par. expects from a premium terminal. To highlight the tactile response up to 1000 Hz, available in game mode, thanks to which the response of the terminal to the slightest touch of the screen is practically immediate.

On the design side, and at first glance, the new OnePlus 10T looks a lot like the 10 Pro, including the rear module in which the cameras are integrated. Something intentional and intended to make it very clear that both terminals belong to the same family. The differences between the two phones must therefore be found on the inside.

Same processor, but more power

For OnePlus, adding more power is no longer enough. What it takes is power more intelligent, which evolves beyond mere speed. For this reason, and despite the fact that the processor is the same that mounts the 10 Pro (a Snapdragon 8+ Gen1), the firm achieves somewhat better performance in the new terminal, mainly thanks to the use of the Artificial intelligence. Accompanying the chip, the most used by all brands in their high-end terminals this year, we find versions with up to 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space.

According to the company, this allows the phone to keep up to 35 applications suspended at the same time without the user experience being affected each time we return to one of them. In addition, the new cooling system, of more than 37,000 mm² and which dissipates twice as much heat as traditional systems, makes it possible to maintain a certain high levels of performance for longer periodssomething that will undoubtedly benefit the most extreme gamers.

And as if that weren’t enough, the firm is offering a cover this year, called Glacier Mat, specially designed for keep the device cool during longer gaming sessions. To do this, the case uses, according to the company, “the principle of high-temperature bionic evaporation to dissipate the heat given off by the mobile phone”. At normal room temperatures, the thermal material automatically absorbs moisture from the air to replenish water, keeping the device cool.

No Hasselblad camera

As said, this time we won’t have Hasselblad cameras. The reason for this is that “we wanted to deliver a best-in-class flagship smartphone experience at the device’s chosen price point.”

The OnePlus 10T arrives with a system of triple rear camera led by a 50 MP Sony IMX766 sensor, already used in other devices of the brand, with a size of 1/1.56 inches and which combines optical stabilization (OIS) with electronics (EIS). The main sensor is accompanied by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle with a 120º field of view and a 2-megapixel macro camera to take photos up to 4 cm away.

The system is supported by OnePlus’ exclusive Image Clarity Engine 2.0 technology, whose new algorithm allows the device to capture photos faster and with a higher level of detail. The AI ​​will therefore have a lot to say about the final result of the photographs taken with this terminal.

Of course, the main camera includes HDR and an improved night mode.

A revolutionary charging system

One of the points where the new OnePlus 10T 5G stands out is undoubtedly its 150W Supervooc fast charging system, the fastest integrated to date by the brand and which allows you to recharge, from zero to one hundred, the double 4,800 milliamp battery in just 19 minutes. In just 3 minutes we will have a 28% charge, more than enough to get us out of any problem we may find ourselves in. The technology, for now, is only compatible with outlets of 220 volts or more. The charging system is also compatible with the PD protocol, which means that it can also quickly charge laptops, tablets and game consoles.

The new OnePlus terminal comes with the launch of OxigenOS 13, OnePlus’ software layer above the operating system that allows you to customize the user experience with exclusive brand designs and fashions. All agreed with the real users’ requests, ideas and suggestions. An example, the Aquamorphic design, inspired by water and which allows a ‘visual language‘ icons and other on-screen elements, the colors and shapes of which can be controlled by the user. A total of 595 new implementations with the aim of making the visual aspect of the operating system as relaxing as nature itself.

The new OnePlus 10T 5G will go on sale for 799 euros in its 16GB + 256GB configuration. Reservations can be made starting today. The Glacier Mat cooling cover will be priced at 49.9 euros.

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