The Best Apps for Editing TikToks

These are the best apps to edit videos and go viral on TikTok. Come in and discover them!

The Best Apps for Editing TikToks

Although we know that currently one of the most popular networks are ICT Tac, not everyone knows how it works. And it is that despite being a video platform, you probably want to go viral.

If this is your case, you should know that make your TikTok videos go viral you must be an active content creator, follow trends, use popular songs, have an attractive profile and, of course, edit your videos like a pro.

The good thing is that the tool itself includes editing functions and even ByteDancethe company that owns TikTok, has its own audiovisual content creation applicationHowever, it never hurts to look at other alternatives.

The Best Apps for Editing TikToks

These are the best apps to edit videos and go viral on TikTok. Come in and discover them!

8 Best Video Editors for TikTok

8 Good Apps for Editing TikToks

  • CapCut
  • Zoom range
  • InShot
  • Funimate
  • Lomotif
  • Magisto
  • Vizmato
  • Stamp

Below you can see a list of apps to edit TikToks with functions similar to professional and paid editors.


CapCut the TikTok video editor

CapCut, a perfect application to edit videos for TikTok or other platforms

CapCut was one of favorite apps to edit TikToksand it is that its great popularity has transcended due to its several functions. Present all basic features of any video editor (add texts, filters, audios and more).

Moreover, it includes special functions such as key frame animationslow motion smooth effects, automatic video stabilizationamong others.

They are the interface is quite intuitive and each function is identified by a icon and text. Better yet, you can export videos in different formats and HD quality.

Google Play | CapCut

Zoom range

Zoom range is an application that has gained more relevance in recent times thanks to its Easy to use you all professional finish that he gives to the videos.

The app is based on fully customizable templates and focuses on short video creators.

With this app you can easily remove the background for your videosadd hundreds of elements, texts with more than 30 from different sourcesadd stickers, melodieseffects, filters and further.

Once the video montageyou can directly share them on different platforms such as ICT Tac.

Google Play | Zoomerang


Other of popular apps to edit TikToks are InShot. And it is that its great diversity of functions allows to have professional results.

Moreover, you will not need to be an expert in the field to use the application, since each function is very well localized and the controls are intuitive.

As if that were not enough, it has a large number of visual effects easy to apply to your video, adjust the speed and easily edit your photos and images.

Google Play |InShot


Funimate: versatile and easy to use video editor

Funimate: versatile and easy to use video editor

If you want edit your first TikTok videosbut you don’t have enough time, you have to meet Funimate. This particular editor makes everything easy.

You can create epics editions in a few clicks thanks to the ease of integration of each visual effect. Moreover, it has many colorful and attractive effects and you can even add 3d effects.

Like other publishers, the working tools they are quite intuitive, you just need to click on the required tool and it will automatically be added to the video.

Google Play | Funimate


Lomotif: simple and fun with free music

Lomotif: simple and fun with free music

Lomotif is considered the competence of ICT Tacsince it is a sharing platform fun and informative videos very short, however, it also functions as one of best apps to edit tiktoks.

The application has the ability to perform professional editions in a short time and has a great totally free library with access to hundreds of songs. Also you can add textsvisual effects, stickers and further.

Google Play |Lomotif



Magisto – Best TikTok Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Utilize Magisto you won’t need to be an expert in editing, if it’s your first time in the world of video montage, This application is made for you. She works with Artificial intelligence and is able to deliver good results in a short time.

Magisto can suggest some visual filters and effectswhich according to his criteria would be better for publishing and even presents a wide range of basic tools and of professional use.

Google Play | Magisto


Vizmato is considered one of apps to edit TikToks the most complete of the list. It has a wide variety of useful tools for content creators such as record mobile screen con internal and external audio.

You can also create vouchers slideshows with transitions, filters and more. The buttons are similar to other editors, so using the app won’t be a problem if you’re experienced.

Google Play | Vizmato


Timbre: an app to edit TikTok videos like a pro

Timbre: an app to edit TikTok videos like a pro

Stamp it’s a video editor very comfortable to use and with a minimalist interface. Thanks to this application, you will be able to convert the format of your files to the format you want with a few clicks, for example mp4 an mp3.

It has the basic functions of any editor, such as cut videosadd content to the timeline, use filters, special effects and further.

Google Play |Stamp

Edit your videos like a pro with the best video editing apps

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