Shakira, in Miami with her children a few days after the prosecutor’s office’s prison request

After a few days enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of Los Cabos, Mexico, and his getaway in Cantabria with his children Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, this Wednesday the British media Daily Mail published a photograph in which the Colombian singer is seen at Miami airport. It seems that the interpreter has decided to take a break abroad after the last difficult months due to the separation of Gerard Pique and the news that the Barcelona public prosecutor’s office is asking for 8 years in prison to Shakira for not paying taxes in the country between 2012 and 2014.

This summer is totally different from the previous one for Shakira, Sasha, Milan and Pique. Last year, the whole family enjoyed a holiday full of sports activities and family adventures. However, this year it seems that Shakira, along with Milan and Sasha, have chosen to disconnect from what happened and enjoy a few days of relaxation.

Image of Shakira in Barcelona on June 8

Image of Shakira in Barcelona on June 8


At the beginning of July, the singer was spotted on the beaches of Cantabria. Later, some media reported Shakira’s presence in San Diego and a few days ago the three were photographed in Los Cabos, in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) without Gerard Pique. The footballer was on tour in the United States with FC Barcelona until Sunday July 31.

This Wednesday, the British newspaper daily mail online posted some photos of the singer and her children arriving at the Miami airport. This arrival came a few days after the Barcelona public prosecutor’s office requested more than 8 years in prison for the Colombian singer.

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In the images published by Daily Mail Shakira can be seen in a long beige dress, holding hands with her children Sasha, right, and Milan, left, at the Miami airport. The three walk through the airport smiling and, as the aforementioned psychic described it, “with a brave face.”

Recall that the holidays of the singer and her children were interrupted by the letter presented last week by the Barcelona public prosecutor’s office in which he asks for eight years and two months in prison, in addition to a fine of 23.7 million euros. euros for Shakira. According to the accusation of the Public Prosecutor, the singer would have committed six offenses against the Public Treasury, which would have resulted in a total fraud of 14.5 million euros corresponding to the 2012, 2013 and 2014 financial years.

Concretely, the singer is accused of having claimed that she did not reside in Spain so as not to pay taxes in this country. In this way, the singer would have saved the payment of personal income tax and wealth tax. The charge came after the singer rejected the latest offer, according to the prosecution, because she “has full confidence in her innocence”.

The singer’s lawyers defend her innocence

According to the Colombian’s legal team, this case supposes “a total violation of her rights, since she has always demonstrated irreproachable conduct, as a person and as a taxpayer”. His lawyers insist that “for many years there has been no outstanding debt with the Treasury”. The Barranquilla artist has already paid the 14.5 million demanded by the Tax Agency plus another three million in interest, but this gesture will not prevent Shakira from sitting in the dock.

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Shakira at the premiere of the film 'Elvis' during the 75th Cannes film festival on May 25.  It was alone.

The truth is that this investigation by the Tax Agency as well as the legal proceedings lasted more than five years and now adds to the personal losing streak that Shakira has experienced in recent months following the decision to part ways with Gerard Pique. The couple are in the process of discussing custody details and they have not yet discussed financial arrangements.. The singer plans to permanently move to Miami with her children, but the footballer seems unhappy that Sasha and Milan are leaving Barcelona.

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