Self-employed people with less than 10 employees will be able to request the digital kit on this date

The bone self employed assigned to the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (LETTER) of Social Security They already have a new date announced by the Spanish government to be able to ask for help from the Digital kit. This is an aid of 6,000 euros so that the self-employed with companies with three to nine employees can benefit from it.

As a novelty, companies and self-employed persons interested in this aid will be able to allocate the money to more services than initially planned. In addition to the categories that already existed, two more are included: Advanced Internet Presence and Marketplace.

However, what did not show any change were the steps and processes to apply for it. Thus, it will be necessary sign up for AceleraPyme and self-diagnostic reality test. The sooner it is done, the better it is for the digitization agents have everything ready when you have to do the procedure. They will just have to wait for their call to open according to the dates indicated and start the process.

When will freelancers be able to request the Digital Kit?

Through a publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE), it has been announced that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation will launch the new call for the digital kit in Next September 2, 2022.

Therefore, everyone who has already started the procedure will be able to access the call, of which regulatory bases brings new such as the following:

  • The self-employed person can only use the aid to contract the services included in the catalog.
  • On Websites and Internet Presence: It will be compulsory for the freelancer to pay continuously for 12 months for the web domain that he has contracted thanks to the aid. This will also affect multilingual websites.
  • The bone electronic equipment or devices will be eligible as part of a scanning solution.
  • The new ministerial decree stipulates that improvements to pre-existing scanning solutions in companies can be financed. This, when it comes to a functional improvement of a website or an e-commerce. Functional improvements will not be considered as solutions that imply a development, progress, increase or enrichment of the services and functionalities of the already existing solution. Nor will it be updates to software versions or upgrades or enhancements to versions.

What are the other news of the new call for the Digital Kit for independents?

One of the most common questions among self-employed people is whether they can buy electronic devices such as a computer using the Digital Kit. It is true that, as far as we know, freelancers will not be able to use this aid to buy laptops, desktops or tablets. However, there is a complementary ICO credit exclusively for purchase.

“All the self-employed who have subscribed to a Contract for the supply of digitization solutions In all the calls for help that publishes within the digital kit program, they will be able to request this loan”, recently explained the president of the Official Credit Institute (ICO), José Carlos García. ” They will be able to do it in credit institutions that adhere to this line and the amount will vary depending on the aid that has been granted in the Digital Kit,” he added.

“The interest will be fixed or variable, plus the margin established by the bank or financial entity depending on the amortization period established. It will be 180 days, one or two years, with the possibility of a delay of one year grace.Interested parties will have until December 31, 2025 to apply“, It’s finish.

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