SDG8. Boehringer Ingelheim continues its pace of growth and strengthens its research focus

Boehringer Ingelheim increased its drug offering to patients in the first half of 2022, At the same time, he broadened his field of research in an increasingly difficult economic, political and regulatory environment.

The company has enjoyed strong momentum thanks to increased investments in research and development (R&D), rapid growth of its product portfolio and business development opportunities. So far this year, the company has entered into 11 R&D collaboration and license agreements, focusing on new modalities such as protein degraders, antimicrobial resistance, regenerative medicine, oncology and data science.

Powered by strong demand for treatments for heart failure, diabetes and the respiratory system in humans, in addition to its products for companion animals, its turnover increased by 9.5%, to 11,200 million euros.

“Despite the volatile economic environment, we have been able to provide more patients with the treatments that make a difference, while advancing our product portfolio in human and animal health, striving to transform lives where medical needs are high,” said Hubertus von Baumbach, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

higher investment

Likewise, Boehringer Ingelheim has allocated 25,000 million euros to R&D investments and an additional 7,000 million to new production technologies in the next five years. The company plans to conduct eight active human drug registration trials by the end of the year, with the potential to bring 15 new products to patients by 2027.

“While we expect economic uncertainties to persist in the second half of the year, we remain confident that we can meet our 2022 targets and continue our path of innovation,” he said. Michael Schmelmer, Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Finance and Group Functions. “We will continue to focus and invest in our most promising assets to bring the best value to patients.”

Human Health net sales increased by 11.8% during the first half of 2022, to reach 8.4 billion euros, mainly driven by the JARDIANCE® diabetes treatment family for 2.5 billion euros and OFEV® respiratory medicine for 1.5 billion euros.

the business of Animal Health increased by 1.2% to 2,400 million euros. The business was impacted by challenging market conditions such as inflation, COVID-19 shutdowns, African swine fever outbreaks and supply chain constraints. Net sales of NEXGARD®, a parasiticide for dogs, increased by 13.7% to 593 million euros, while HEARTGARD®, which prevents heartworm disease in dogs, increased by 4.4% to 197 million euros. euros.

The rest of the year, Boehringer Ingelheim anticipates regulatory updates for Spesolimab, a potential treatment for flare-ups of generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP), a rare and life-threatening neutrophilic skin disease. The company will also present promising data on JARDIANCE® for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease. In addition, major pet and livestock products are expected to be launched in 2022 and 2023.

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