‘Save Me’ Cameraman Suffers Live Heatstroke: “He’s Dizzy”

The new heat wave ravaging the country on Tuesday caused a good scare in ‘Save me’. Omar Suarezwho followed in the footsteps of Anabel Pantoja there Yulen Pereira around Madrid, he was forced to cut off the live connection he was making when he realized the cameraman was dizzy. Due to extreme temperatures in the capital, the worker felt unwell and had to be treated by doctors.

After realizing what was happening, the journalist stopped his report while the program returned to the set. After the camera started to wobble due to the operator’s indisposition, Omar approached to try to help him: “I have a problem with the cameraman, I’m serious”.

“Are you okay?” he asked while, from the set, Adela González and María Patiño also showed their concern about the state of their partner: “Is something wrong?” “I have to cut, he is dizzy”explained the journalist as the hosts took over the reins of the program from the set: “With the heat it is doing, what does it do, because a heat stroke …”.

Adela then went to the residents of the neighborhood to help her: “Please, a glass of cold water. The heat that knocks you out.” Later, at the end of ‘Save me orange’, he wanted to send a message to the partner concerned: “He had a little heat stroke. The whole show sends him a kiss.” “To reassure everyone and his family, he is fine now,” he said.

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Omar Suárez then shared a post on his Instagram stories to thank the messages of concern for his partner: “We had to cut the connection because collapsed from heat stroke. Thank you to the neighbors who were watching the show and who came to help us and 112 recovered.”

Similarly, he made a point of launching a plea to highlight the work of professionals who work outdoors despite the high temperatures: “I take this opportunity to grow my job and that of all my colleaguesin addition to all the people from any sector who work in the streets and who very few, very few times, are valued”.

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