Pipi Estrada, first confirmed competitor of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’

  • The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ is the first confirmed contestant of the new reality show Telecinco

  • Terelu Campos’ ex-boyfriend will become a farmer and live with other celebrities in rural areas

  • Meet Pipi Estrada: who is she

Pee Estrada (Asturias, 1957) is the first confirmed contestant of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the new reality show that we will soon be able to enjoy on Telecinco. The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ will have to live with other celebrities and become a farmer. You will live in a real paradise… which could turn into a nightmare!

The journalist has been in our lives for years and we have seen him in many formats. A few months ago he came back collaborate on ‘Save Me’a program in which his ex-partner Terelu Campos. ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ is not his first reality show: also we saw it in ‘Survivors’ in 2006.

Who is Pipi Estrada?

Pipi Estrada was born in Gijón (Asturias) in 1957. She went to Madrid to study Industrial Engineeringwhere he combined his studies with his work as dj. But he soon discovered that communication was his thing. It started in the radio, where he focused on sports journalism. He first worked with José María García for 11 years and then moved on to Onda Cero, Cope or EsRadio, where he broadcast Real Madrid matches.

In the TV we saw it as adviser ‘Women and men and vice versa’, as a collaborator in ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ and, currently, he is working in ‘Save me‘ and in the ‘Luxury‘.

The love life of Pipi Estrada

The ‘Sálvame’ collaborator has a reputation as a womanizer and has graced the covers of numerous gossip magazines thanks to his love life. Her most famous relationship (and the one that brought the most queue) was with Terelu Campos.

Their dating began in 2003. He had been married for more than 20 years to Teresa Vieira, mother of two of his children, but overnight everything ended between them and his wife.and revealed he was dating Terelu Campos. The two starred in a steamy romance that spanned two years and had many ups and downs. The situation between them becomes untenable and they separate definitively in 2005.

Two years later, the journalist tells the magazine ‘Interviú’ all the details of his intimate life with the eldest of the Campos. She denounced him and won the lawsuit, for which Pipi Estrada still owes her money. Nevertheless, he he can’t stop talking about his ex on the sets.

Is Terelu behind the dismissal of Pipi from Onda Cero?

Is Terelu behind the dismissal of Pipi from Onda Cero?

After Terelu, the journalist started a relationship with Miriam Sanchez. Telecinco cameras witnessed the beginning of their love story. While still working as an adult film actress, she gave an interview on ‘Here’s Tomato’ and said she wouldn’t mind having an affair with Pipi. A few days later, the ‘TNT’ space arranged a date for them, during which they connected and showed the great chemistry between them. Their relationship ended in 2013 and they have a daughter together.

Pipi has a reputation for being a conqueror and one of the women he spent a night of passion with was… Lydia Lozano! It all happened in a 600as we recently experienced in ‘Sálvame’.

Lydia Lozano for Pipi Estrada's feet talking about her night of passion:

Lydia Lozano for Pipi Estrada’s feet talking about her night of passion: “Please respect”

Pipi Estrada in “Survivors”

“Nightmare in Paradise” isn’t the sportscaster’s first reality show. In 2006, he traveled to a different type of paradise, that of ‘survivors‘, held in Santo Domingo. In the edition won by Carmen Russo, Pipi Estrada lasted 35 days and was kicked out in fifth place.

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