Orestes is betrayed by his subconscious and ruins a very close duel in ‘Pasapalabra’


to safeguard

Robert Loyal he said goodbye a few days ago to viewers of ‘Password’ through social media. The program team Antenna 3 closes in August for the holidays, but the public will continue to enjoy the daily face-to-face ration between

Rafa Brown there Orestes Barberoh also during the summer season. Indeed, the duel between the two competitors is hotter than ever.

The Sevillian returned this Tuesday August 2 to play
the blue chair
after a streak where, according to him, he had “gotten used to” winning or drawing against his rival. However, he passed the test without difficulty. In this way he was able to fight, accompanied by the singer Luis Cepeda and the presenter Isabelle Zubiaurrefor the jackpot, which already amounts to 1,360,000 euros.

Happy and breathing easy after reaching his 45th program, Rafa acknowledged that he and Orestes

they study diligently with the ambition of one day winning the grand prize of ‘Password’. For this reason, he assured that he would be happy if his opponent won, although he made it clear that “I would be even happier if I took him”.

For his part, the presenter Jack April and the actress Anorte paper they helped the Burgos man on his 208th afternoon in the contest to add 166 seconds for the ‘Rosco’, surpassing his opponent’s 156.

A very equal ‘Rosco’

From the beginning the balance marked the 45 duel between Orestes there Rafa, one of the tightest to date. The two competitors advanced evenly on the number of hits and even coincided by finishing the first round with 21 green squares.

From the second round, however, the Sevillian stood out by obtaining two other definitions. Having taken the lead with 23 assured words, he opted, as usual, for caution. “The vague options friend hasn’t calmed me down, so I’ll wait to see what he does Orestes“, he explained.

But luck, on this occasion, was not on the side of the philologist. In the ‘F’, his intuition fails him when he confuses ‘forado’ with ‘ferrado’, the denomination of the ‘traditional measure of the Galician surface’. “My subconscious betrayed me,” he admitted, saying he thought he heard his answer when he was in Galicia doing the Camino de Santiago. Having no idea of ​​the other pending definitions, Orestes He didn’t have many options to come back.

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