‘Nightmare in Paradise’: contestants, cast and premiere

lara álvarez and carlos sobera, presenters of 'nightmare in paradise'

media play

    ‘Nightmare in Paradise’. This is the name Telecinco has chosen for the adaptation of the famous reality show ‘La Granja’. The Fuencarral channel is already working on the relaunch of the famous reality show with the production company Fremantle (“Got Talent”, “Farmer Seeks a Wife”…) after announcing that, officially, the rights to ‘The farm’. ‘La Granja’ started in 2004 on Antena 3 with two consecutive editions, to then pass into the hands of Mediaset in 2011, which would change its name to ‘cornered‘, even though it would only have one edition. Now, with this “redesign” that they want to make reality, one of the most striking novelties is that it will change its name, Although the dynamic would be very similar: make the competitors live together in a rural setting and without any comfort.

    As announced by Mediaset, the famous competitors will live together in an authentic paradise surrounded by nature, but the lack of comfort, the harshness of the tasks on the farm and the rigors of coexistence will be a real challenge for all the inhabitants of this bucolic enclave and who will play in “Nightmare in Paradise”. All must collaborate to advance in a rural environment, without the comforts that society has incorporated over the last century.

    In addition to the name of the format, another novelty will be its presenters. The chain does not have Jorge Javier Vázquez, who is in charge of ‘survivors‘, in its place Lara Álvarez will lead the weekly galas of this new reality show, and will also be responsible for transferring the daily coexistence on the farm to the spaces, which will be part of the television coverage of the competition. While Carlos Sobera will moderate the weekly format discussions, in which the most striking moments will be analyzed with the interventions of various collaborators and parents and friends of the candidates. What is still unclear is the dynamics of ‘Nightmare in Paradise’: voting, forms of expulsion, whether they will participate in pairs…

    The decline in audiences in recent months has media play put the batteries renovate your barbecue: he opted for new formats and also to modernize those they already had, as with the renewal of the image of ‘Save me‘, the cast of collaborators and directors -in which Carmen Borrego made her debut-, as well as content. A) Yes, autumn returns with news after the anonymous edition of ‘Secret History‘ “puncture” in the public: while the first edition with celebrities averaged 17.1% audience share and 1,721,000 viewers, the second dropped to an average of 12.4% and 1,216,000.

    only now need to know who will be competitors and what will be the enclaveafter going through this reality iconic competitors like Two YupaAlonso Caparros, Dani DJ, Mary Jesus RuizNagore RoblesRaquel Bollo Barbara King or the mother of the always controversial Aída Nízar, Mari Angeles Delgado.

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Pipi Estrada, first competitor

As confirmed by journalist Rocco Steinhäuser on his Twitter account, Pee Estrada is the first confirmed competitor of nightmare in paradise.

The sports journalist, who for weeks has returned as a contributor to Save mewould return to a reality show after appearing in 2006 on survivors. Without a doubt, a signature that will get people talking.

‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the adaptation of ‘The Farm’

Mediaset has put in the batteries to renew its grill and increase audiences, and plans to do so, among other formats, such as ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’, an adaptation of the famous reality show ‘The Farm’ (also known as of ‘Acorralados’ ). The Fuencarral channel is already working with the production company Fremantle to organize everything and be able to preview the reality show of the new season, which starts after the summer.

The format premiered on Antena 3 in 2004, had a second edition in 2005 and a third in 2011, although already on Mediaset.

Lara Alvarez and Carlos Sobera

Mediaset has chosen Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera as masters of ceremonies for this new reality TV adaptation. The presenter will be in front of the weekly galas and will also be responsible for transferring daily coexistence to the farm. While the presenter will animate the weekly debates.

Premiere of “Nightmare in Paradise”

Everything indicates that the reality show will be one of the network’s big bets for the next season. Its premiere is therefore scheduled for this fall, although it is still too early to give a precise date.

Previous presenters

In 2004, Terelu Campos was in charge of directing the baton in ‘La Granja’ with Jaime Bores and Óscar Modrego. It would be a “hope” if Terelu, who now presents “Sálvame Lemon Tea” with María Patiño, regains its position in the revival of the reality show, although it is possible that the channel will take on other names with more weight.

Without Jorge Javer Vazquez

He is the star presenter of Mediaset: the reality that there is, the reality that he presents. He kept ‘GH’, ‘GH VIP’, ‘Survivors’, ‘The strong house’ and ‘Secret Story’. In 2011, other well-known faces such as Raquel Sánchez Silva and Christian Gálvez accompanied him to host the program.

This time, Mediaset preferred to bet on Lara Álvaréz and Carlos Sobera.

there will be discussions

According to the latest information, although the format is still in its infancy, it is already known that Carlos Sobera will be in charge of the weekly debates.

great moments

The castings of ‘La Granja’ and ‘Acorralados’ managed to create great moments for posterity, like this fight between Mari Ángeles Delgado and Bárbara Rey that ended with Aída Nízar’s mother singing ‘Teatro, teatro’ to the rhythm of ‘Parole parole’, a moment that today, in the middle of 2022, has become a meme.

It remains to be seen who will take part in this reissue of ‘La Granja’ that many have been waiting for for years.

Gloria Camila Ortega

According to the ‘algopasatv’ account, the first confirmed would be Gloria Camila Ortega, who would put aside her collaborations to co-star in a reality show. The young woman has already crossed ‘Survivors’ with the one who is now her ex-boyfriend, Kiko Jiménez, so it would not be strange to see her participate in something like this again.

Arelys, mother of Yulen Pereira

The fencer’s mother and former ‘Survivors 2022’ contestant he carved out a place for himself on television thanks to his son like a great character with a lot to offer. Some take him for granted, while other media assure that he is in the negotiation phase to participate in the new edition of ‘La Granja’.

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