Nacho Palau reveals his last conversation with Miguel Bosé after going through ‘Survivors 2022’

After a pass Survivors 2022 Quite cautious in terms of revelations about his relationship and his breakup with Miguel Bosé, Nacho Palau revealed after the competition that he and his ex-girlfriend had had a conversation a few days ago and that the artist had congratulated him on his passage to the Telecinco competition.

In an interview with Ten minutesPalau revealed the content of his last conversation with the artist, of which he says he was quite conciliatory although there are still many files to settle concerning his children, such as the request of parentage that Palau filed against the former singer .

MADRID, 06/05/2022.- Singer and writer Miguel Bosé signs copies of his books

Singer and writer Miguel Bosé in an archive image.

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Palau was currently caring for two of his twins Ivo and Telmo, while the singer cared for the other two, Diego and Tadeo, more than 9,000 kilometers from his home in Mexico. Nacho didn’t want to separate them, but, as he reveals in the interview, now joint custody wouldn’t do him any good, because “it would be very difficult for me to part with Ivo and Telmo”.

For the Venetian, this problem will be solved “when you can dialogue and fully trust the other parent. When there is absolute trust in the other when your children are with him. And a lot of respect.” According to Palau, Bosé is not calm when his children are in Chelva, as the artist is concerned about their safety.

Cover of Ten Minutes.

Cover of Ten Minutes.


long relationship

Bosé and Palau met when they were 37 and 19 respectively and have lived together for more than two decades.

Bosé and Palau met when they were 37 and 19 respectively and have lived together for more than two decades. At that time, they each had two children with whom they formed a large family, but when they separated, they sued for guardianship and custody, because legally two children were from Bosé and two from Palau.

Aside from the kids, the Venetian also spoke about his relationship with his current partner Cristian, who already knew Miguel Bosé before he started a relationship with his ex-partner. About Cristian, he revealed that he had worked for a few days with Bosé as an interview manager many years ago, so the two already knew each other. As Palau reveals, “their relationship wasn’t very smooth.”

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Although Palau believes this professional encounter is out of the water, he also sees the possibility that the singer felt jealousy when it was revealed that Palau was in a relationship with another person. But it’s something Palau considers very normal, because after a 26-year relationship, it’s understandable that there are remnants of the love the couple felt. “Maybe I would have been jealous too even if there was nothing between us anymore,” he confessed.

Miguel Bosé with his children at Disneyland in 2017

Miguel Bosé with his children at Disneyland in 2017, before his separation from Nacho Palau.


Regarding his future projects, Palau says he wants to set up a restaurant-related business. “I would like to set up a restaurant, a rural house, an animal park …”, he assured. He remains convinced to stay in Chelva, a small town in Valencia, where they pay a mortgage on their house and where their children, who go to a public school, which “they love” and where they have strengthened ties with other children their age.

It was during his time in the contest that Palau revealed he had a relationship with Cristian, who didn’t expect Palau to mention him in the contest. “It came out. I got carried away. When I went to Survivors, one of the things I wanted to test and clarify was my feelings towards Cristian,” he confessed. He also revealed that after a year of living with his new girlfriend, he wouldn’t have been able to enter the pageant if he hadn’t been left to take care of his children and mother.

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