‘Miles Gloriosus’ bequeathed from Mérida

Glorious Soldierone of the most famous works of the Latin playwright Plautusto arrive at Merida International Classical Theater Festival with a cast led by Charles Sovereign, brown angel, Elisa Matilla there Elena Ballesterosin free version of Antonio Prieto and led by Pep Anton Gomez. A co-production of the festival and Arequipa Producciones which is on view from August 3 to 7.

A very respectful version of Plautus’ text, according to the director, beyond updating a few gags and language. “The story we’re telling goes back to the original,” says Gómez, who tried to “reinforce the main role” of the secondary charactersunderline the “choral” character of the work.

Glorious Soldier, UN military swaggerself-satisfied, sex-obsessed and narcissistic, kidnaps a beautiful young woman and takes her to his home in Ephesus, where he also lives Aptitudea slave in his service who knew the young woman from before and the man she is in love with.

Aptitudeready to give a lesson to his master and helped by a neighbor, he makes a hole in the wall which connects his house to that of the soldier, so that the lovers can see each other in secret. Everything gets complicated when they are discovered by another of Miles’ slaves, who is about to tell his master. This will force Aptitude to convince him that he didn’t see what he saw.

Throughout this month, the festival will also host the premieres of “The Aroma of Rome” and “The Tomb of Antigone”.

“The goal is to have fun, for people to put aside their problems and have a good time for an hour and a half, to emphasize concepts such as happiness, the joy of day-to-day living,” explains Gómez, which highlights the “freshness” of Plautus’ style and his ability to humorous discs: “We want to offer the public a great comedy festival, with a fairly white humor, without more pretensions”.

The play, which can be seen in different cities from the fall as part of a tour that will last about a year, according to its director, was set by Alexandre Contreraslighting of Miguel Angel Camacho and clothes of Anna Ramos.

After the 1989 and 2008 editions, andit’s the third time Glorious Soldier It is part of the festival poster.

Born in the year 254 a. C., Plautus is one of the great representatives of the latin comedy. His desire was to entertain the Roman people, taking Greek comedy as his inspiration. Among the books he wrote (about 130, according to scholars) are Host, The Persian, The Captives there Aulular.

Throughout this month, the festival will also host the premieres of the scent of rome (day 10) and Antigone’s tomb (17).

From July 1 to August 21, the 68th edition of the International Classical Theater Festival of Mérida takes place, with Jesus Cimarro at the forefront of management and direction through the company Pentación Espectaculos, as in the last ten editions. On this occasion, the roman theater It hosts nine national and international shows, including music, dance and, of course, great classics.

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