María Patiño reveals one of the problems in the marriage of Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez

Maria Patino revealed what was one of the main reasons for which the marital relationship between Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez was diminished. The talk show He spoke loud and clear about the current ex-partner.

After returning to Spain from Honduras, Anabel Pantoja has never ceased to be on everyone’s lips. His relationship with the fencer Yulen Pereira is constantly questioned by the people while Isabel Pantoja’s niece has spent these days repairing the damage he might have caused to Omar, his former partner.

Omar Sánchez and Anabel Pantoja lived one of the most anticipated moments of Let yourself be loved last week. On the set of Toñi Moreno’s show, the two told each other everything they were thinking at the time after the breakdown of their marriage.

It was like that the two surprised all of Spain by merging in a big hug and specifying that Respect is essential when ending a relationship. The reasons for their breakup were not very clear, however, María Patiño clarified on the set of Save me one of those reasons was “the lack of desire” in the couple.

“Anabel is not going to get angry because she didn’t tell me, when I betray someone it’s when they confess to me in private”began by saying the presenter of the Telecinco show.

“One of the problems with the marriage between Omar and Anabel was a noticeable lack of desire on both sides”, Patiño intoned firmly. The collaborator of Save me left in the air the possibility that “desire can be reactivated”although with an “I don’t know”, he chose to be more neutral on this issue.

It’s clear that The arrival in Spain of Anabel Pantoja caused a stir. The former survivor, who upon her arrival enjoyed her love with her current partner, Yulen Pereira, He has been in the situation of being separated from the fencer for a few days.

They both want to spend a vacation with their loved onesso Anabel Pantoja was clear and wrote her colleague and friend, Gema López, a series of messages.

“Anabel wrote to me. He tells me, ‘Yulen is going on vacation with her family and I’m going to see mine. Let people remember that I have been in this world for five days, that I have to see mine, and, What Of course, I have to go alone'”says Gema López.

“‘If I say goodbye to Yulen with a kiss on the tongue, I hurt people, if I don’t say goodbye it’s because our relationship is a lie. I’m trying to be me’”confessed the socialite as Anabel Pantoja told her about her current situation.

And it is that Anabel’s reunion with Yulen after leaving the island was much appreciatedand the couple was immersed in hundreds and hundreds of reviews. However, it seems that his love can with everything and that the two will continue together until the weather decides.

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