Kadir acknowledges his feelings for Melisa as Orhan’s life hangs in the balance

Again ‘Brothers‘ left us wanting more, along with many unanswered questions. It seems like some chapters in some characters’ lives are slowly closing and new ones are opening up.

Aybike was ridiculed at school. The culprit was yuckwho saw that the girl was wearing shoes Balm. The Eren’s cousin thought her mother bought them from a thrift store, because that’s what she told her. However, Nebahat had given them to him.

Despite Berk’s humiliation, Aybike did not remain silent. He did not bow down to him! Aybike told everyone that he was in love with Melisa and she rejected him. Everyone laughed at him! The young man couldn’t believe that Aybike gave it back to him, will he take revenge?

Akif always trying to channel the course of his life. If in the previous chapter you have already asked Nebahat to give him a second chance, the time has come to close his story with Susan. The mother of Fantastic he already knows that Akif is not going to separate from his wife, and he can’t believe it. Will he return to his “false life”?

He tried to explain the reason for his decision: a lot of things have changed. If Akif and Suzan had never been together, Nebahat wouldn’t have had to call Kenan and the accident could have been avoided. Akif has already turned the page, will Suzan do the same? How will it be with Kenan’s recent widow?

Balm still fighting for his relationship with Kadirespecially now that Aybike told her that her cousin had rejected her because she did no harm Omarwho was in love with her. The young woman then decided to go talk to the eldest Erens and asked him to be honest and tell her why he rejected her. He put Kadir between a rock and a hard place!

He is very surprised and didn’t want to talk about it, but finally he confessed that he really liked Melisa and that the young woman had no illusions in vain. Kadir continued to work, although he is very affected by the conversation he had with Melisa. She was captivated by looking at him… Will there be a new rapprochement between these two?

A new girl has arrived at Ataman School! It is Ayse, a classmate who two months ago had to stop going because of her mother’s health problems. Now he’s back and… he’s met Omar! He was playing basketball with his cousin when he hit him on the head with a ball. Ayşe went to the toilet and the young man accompanied her to try to help her. We saw a lot of chemistry between them! Will they be the new couple at the Ataman school?

yuck he is very angry with the Eren brothers because they made fun of him in front of the whole school for playing with him Aybike. Now his time has come for revenge and for that he has decided to go to where Omar there Kadir they sell their rice. Berk arrived with four boys and together they beat up little Eren. They also completely destroyed the rice cart that would save them money to rent a new house.

Kadir, who had gone for tea, came back and found the situation. Him and orhan They tried to help, but failed. Also, Eren’s uncle did a lot of damage. Will everyone be okay?

Since the drunkenness of the Eren brothers, orhan not going through a good health moment, and the fight they had in the street with Omar there Kadir I don’t help. The brothers’ uncle was very hurt, and although he tried to hide it, everyone realized that something was wrong. He had been feeling pretty bad for a long time!

In the morning he went to visit his nephews to see how they were doing. behind came Sengoul, who started to fight because he realized that not only Orhan was injured, but also Ömer and Kadir. He suspected that something had happened and was asking his nephews to tell him everything when, suddenly…orhan collapsed on the floor! Will he survive? What will happen to him?

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