‘Journey to the center of TV’, the only summer “insurance” of audiences that goes to TVE’s La 1

TVE’s 1 She has, or rather had, two insurance hearings for her summer grills. one was Blood relationshipof which, despite its good performance, nothing is known about the public channel this year, and the other is trip to tv centerwhich returns this Wednesday August 3 with the premiere of his season 12 at 10:40 p.m..

'Journey to the center of television' returns to TVE: This is how it goes

Report | ‘Journey to the center of TV’: this is how “a program without complexes” is made to see us through time

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The program that drinks from the RTVE archives return to prime timeAfter his jump to access in July last year. And so, four years later, he finds the dates and times that have always been best for him. Just take a look at their audience to realize:

  • Season 1 (July-September 2013): 8.4% and 1,076,000
  • Season 2 (July-September 2014): 10.1% and 1,247,000
  • Season 3 (May-July 2015): 9.3% and 1,671,000
  • Season 4 (February-June 2016): 8.9% and 1,068,000
  • Season 5 (October-December 2016): 6.4% and 612,000
  • Season 6 (July-August 2017): 11.2% and 1,543,000
  • Season 7 (July-August 2018): 10.9% and 1,459,000
  • Season 8 (September-December 2019): 7.3% and 912,000
  • Season 9 (September-November 2020): 7.3% and 570,000
  • Season 10 (July-September 2021): 9% and 1,166,000 (in access)

The format created and produced by Peter Santosto tell about Santiago safe accompanied by the seal of the unforgettable Forgesstarted his career in the summer of 2013, and his good performances made TVE dare to try him as an asset for the high season in 2016. But with more competition, he suffered and returned in the summer, where he shone in 2017 and 2018 saw its two best seasons (averages of 11.2% and 10.9%).

The following two years, 2019 and 2020, the public network retried it in high season, starting it in September. But once again it has been shown that it is in fact a perfect content for summerand that is why last year TVE brought it back to those months, but with a change in format: it was its access bet, without reaching the performances of other seasons, but benefiting from its good connection with the summer public.

This year, trip to tv center It comes out later -in August instead of July-, but it does so at the time and with the schedule that suits it best, leaving behind its controversies to relegate itself to the end of the evening and reconquer itself as the main advantage of prime time.

Also joker for specials and in access

But the courage and the “breath” that trip to tv center he contributes to La 1 de TVE is not limited to his summers. And it is that the file format has been become a joker which also produces at different times of the year.

It should be noted that like his “brother musician” Iron and chrome tips the day of the year of La 2, trip to tv center has become a new year’s eve traditionaired late at night after telepassion and the usual concerts of La 1. His data, in this respect, are excellent:

  • Special December 24, 2014: 16.1% and 1,119,000
  • Special December 24, 2015: 18.9% and 1,400,000
  • Special December 24, 2016: 12.4% and 731,000
  • Special December 24, 2017: 19.4% and 1,295,000
  • Special December 24, 2018: 20.4% and 1,503,000
  • Special December 24, 2019: 19% and 1,362,000
  • Special December 24, 2020: 17.8% and 1,471,000
  • Special December 24, 2021: 15.8% and 1,073,000

Likewise, TVE has taken the program into account twice to add it to the particular coverage that the public establishment has made of Eurovision. The last, this year to support the candidacy of Chanel and its Slowo. And on both occasions, it became La 1’s late-night luxury late night after the festival:

  • Special May 18, 2019 (after Eurovision): 20.9% and 1,446,000
  • Special May 14, 2022 (after Eurovision): 26.3% and 906,000

So far we’ve talked about his early installments and his specials, but even his reissues They also gave stature as a tip in the to access. renamed as Journey to the Center of Television: The Greatest Hitsreissues suitable for this timeslot of the format have served TVE to fill that timeslot up to twice.

The first was during summer 2019before debuting its season 8, and shone with an average of 11.7% share and 1,431,000 viewers, as collected by the data that the JECA Consultant made it easier to watch TV.

The second is much more recent, since trip to tv center he became a joker for La 1 for his access during this last season. From September 2021 to February 2022and face mainly the anthill In such a complicated schedule in which even Telecinco fails to dominate with its realities, the archive program came out on top with a share of 7.7% and 1.2 million viewers, figures that almost doubled the followers that the latest self-produced format has obtained Enred@d@s (7.1% and 729,000).

Waiting, trip to tv center This time it faces its 12th season with all the incentives to shine again and to show that it is a safe bet for the summer audiences of La 1 de TVE in its prime time.

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