Isaac Torres is caught kissing two girls at the same time after his adventure in Colombia

  • The former ‘Isle of Temptation’ contestant appeared kissing at a nightclub with two girls at the same time

  • Isaac Torres caused a tsunami of reactions after his appearance on a Colombian reality show

  • Lucía Sánchez has not yet ruled on the matter, although she has taken her first steps

when we thought that Isaac Torres and Lucía Sánchez had an approach in the middle of her pregnancy, the story between the couple of ‘island of temptations‘ turned around due to the Catalan’s participation in the Colombian reality show “Revenge of the old VIPs”. An adventure that will bring quite a queue since at the release of the recordings in Lobo they caught him making out with two of the contestants at the same time.

The future arrival of Mía seemed to be able to reunite the couple, but the last events are far from this happy meeting between the couple and, in fact, Lucía Sánchez has already taken the first steps. In images that leaked on the networks and that they were recorded in the nightclub, the former ‘The Islands of Temptations’ contestant is seen given over to passion with two women.

Lucía Sánchez and Isaac Torres, caught together in an affectionate attitude

Lucía Sánchez and Isaac Torres, caught together in an affectionate attitude

From the video made public by the profile of Gossip Shore which collects the news regarding the characters who participated in the reality show ‘Acapulco Shore’, the identity of the two girls with whom Isaac Torres seems to be dancing very affectionately has been known and whose kiss went viral.

One of them concerns michelle lando, a young influencer who is sweeping both Instagram and TikTok, where she has nearly two million followers. The other is Leslie Gallardoan explosive woman who is dedicated to creating content for her social networks and who is known to the public for her participation in ‘Acapulco Shore’.

At the moment the Catalan hasn’t wanted to put labels or comment on that controversial kiss that everyone is talking about, but there are already several voices that suggest that between Lobo he has opted for one of the two And this it would be Leslie Gallardo with whom he would have more than just a flirtation.

As explained through his stories the profile of La Cuernis which follows the movements of Isaac Torres since his landing in Colombia, at the end of the recordings of the reality show, the Catalan could have been more enthusiastic about Leslie Gallardo with whom he c is to share many moments.

Both posted images of the same views of a hotel, they wear the same necklaces, they went together to get tattoos and there are several images that captured them holding hands and in a loving attitude, like this Instagram profile broke down into a video.

Lucía Sánchez’s reaction to Isaac Torres’ viral kiss

With all the news coming across the pond, Lucía Sánchez has not commented on this subjectalthough some movements that seem to want to make it clear that Isaac Torres is out of his life have been curious.

The first thing the former ‘Island of Temptation’ contestant did was point out that her family consists of her, her future daughter and her puppy Edu, leaving Isaac Torres completely out of the equation. Following the same line in which Lobo is completely absent from her life, the Cadiz woman is ready to settle into her new home and doesn’t seem to want a roommate either, judging by her words:

“Ready to start bringing things to our house. When I say our house, I mean Mia, Edu and me. I wanted to clear it up because you guys are getting involved,” she expressed adamantly through her Stories.

Lucía Sánchez gave hints about how her relationship with Isaac Torres is currently

Lucía Sánchez gave hints about how her relationship with Isaac Torres is currentlyinstagram

Isaac Torres’ participation in ‘Revenge of the Former VIPs’ has the potential to become the new soap opera of the summer in which, in the absence of pregnancy, reconciliation is possible, now a viral kiss has been added that would change everything and a new illusion for an explosive woman that he was going to know from his adventure in Colombia.

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