Iñaki Urdangarin’s vacation with his children in Bidart: laughter, games, an absence and an unexpected presence

The Urdangarin remain more united than ever. Finding out that her father was with another woman was difficult for the four children of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, but that did not prevent continue to love the former handball player as always and enjoy the time they have to spend with him and with other members of the Urdangarin family.

Pablo Urdangarin and Miguel Urdangarin celebratePablo Urdangarin and Miguel Urdangarin celebrate

After Urdangarin’s vacation with his sons Pablo and Miguel in Formentera, the former handball player traveled to Bidart to enjoy the enclave in the french basque country in which Claire Liebaert rents a house every year to bring her children and grandchildren together for the summer. And as always, the Urdangarins of Borbón have been there, or at least almost all of them.

Pablo, Miguel and Irene Urdangarin enjoy their vacation with their paternal family, while Juan Urdangarin was once again the conspicuous absentee. The firstborn of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin put the land of half time ago and went to volunteer in India. That’s the only thing that happened about the always discreet Juan Urdangarinwho thus stays away from the media and carries out an activity which is not new to him.

Iñaki Urdangarin and his daughter Irène Urdangarin in BidartIñaki Urdangarin and his daughter Irene Urdangarin in Hello!

In the meantime, the three young children have gone to Bidart. As ¡Hello! shows, they enjoyed bathing in the sea, sharing laughter and playing cards during this vacation Irene Urdangarin joined, who was not in Formentera and was said to be furthest from her father. Already in spring 2022 there was a trip by the former handball player to Geneva to spend time alone with his daughterand since then, everything is in tune between the two, as usual.

There was also an unexpected presence. It was not about Ainhoa ​​Armentia, which gives space to Iñaki Urdangarin to spend time with his children, but about a special friend of Pablo Urdangarin. The handball player He went to Bidart with a girl who seems to be very important to him, with whom he bathed in the sea and was very complicit. The accomplices were also the brothers Michael e Irene Urdangarinwho had fun during this day on the beach which highlighted the good harmony of this family despite all that has happened.

Infanta Cristina returns to Bidart

In Bidart it is also expected that Baby Christinawho continues to end up in the French Basque Country like every August since 2012, when he stopped going to Majorca spend most of his holidays and found refuge in the Urdangarin. During the first summer after her separation from Iñaki Urdangarin, she keeps the habit of going to this French enclave despite the fact that it was even said that she would not return, just as she had initially refused to go to Majorca.

The Infanta Cristina with Juan and Miguel Urdangarín in BidartThe Infanta Cristina with Juan and Miguel Urdangarín in Bidart

On this occasion, his presence would be motivated to spend a few days with her mother-in-law, Claire Liebaert, who remains alone while her children and grandchildren travel to the United States for the wedding of Iñaki Flood, one of Cristina Urdangarin’s children. Claire Liebaert would like to be at her grandson’s wedding, but she feels too old to travel to the United States, so she has chosen to stay in Bidart.

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