Impress and Uniform Teeth merge to create the largest invisible orthodontic network in the world

MADRID, 3 years ago. (EUROPA PRESS) –

Impress and Uniform Teeth will merge with the goal of creating the world’s largest network of orthodontic clinics, the companies announced in a statement Wednesday.

Impress was founded in 2019 in Barcelona by orthodontist Khaled Kasem and entrepreneurs Diliara and Vladimir Lupenko, with the idea of ​​”combining the best of traditional orthodontics with the most innovative technology in the sector”.

The digital orthodontics brand has a growing network of hybrid clinics, with a world-class clinical team and vertically integrated technology (AI-based practice management software and best-in-class AI-based treatment tracking app). ‘IA). Impress has also recently launched one of the largest clear aligner R&D and production facilities in Europe.

The company already has more than 130 clinics in 8 different countries, including all strategic markets: Spain, Italy, Germany, France and United Kingdom.

Uniform Teeth was founded in San Francisco in 2018 by Meghan Jewitt and Dr. Aamodt. From day one, Uniform Teeth has been focused on bringing high quality orthodontic care to more people. Since then, UniformTeeth has expanded to 8 locations in San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle and state-of-the-art technology with a primary focus on AI-powered digital medical records and proprietary 3D treatment planning software.

With this merger, Impress and Uniform Teeth will have a presence in the largest and most important clear aligners markets in the world, representing 70% of the total clear aligners industry.

In early July, Impress raised $125 million in its Series B funding round, led by investment groups LBO France, Norgine Ventures, Claret Capital Partners, TA Ventures, Uniqa Ventures and Nickleby Capital, to help boost expanding the company into new markets and meeting global demand for its award-winning invisible orthodontic treatment.

“Our expansion into the Americas was definitely the next step for Impress, and we are very proud to work with Uniform Teeth. We were looking for a company that shared a similar corporate vision and corporate philosophy/values ​​that, above all, vaunted aspects such as innovation and customization. Building on this partnership, we will continue to provide the highest quality invisible orthodontic treatments with personalized service, overseen by a highly experienced medical team,” said the co-founder and director. of Impress operations, Diliara Lupenko.

“As a company, we are committed not only to world-class patient care, but also to innovation, which has helped us revolutionize the orthodontic industry. Our partnership with Impress allows us to combine our technology systems on today’s market-leading orthodontic platform and will allow us to grow faster across North America to fully fulfill our mission of delivering exceptional care to next-generation patients,” added the CEO. and co-founder of Uniform Teeth, Meghan Jewitt.

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