‘Idol Kids’ faces premieres of ‘The Mallorca Files’ and ‘Journey to the center of TV’

03/08/2022 at 12:48


Four bets on ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ and laSexta for movie night

Opening night on Antena 3 with “Majorca Files”, the channel’s new summer bet (10:45 p.m.). This crime drama, starring Elen Rhys and Julian Looman, focuses on the daily life of a British detective and a detective from the German Division and Palma de Mallorca Police Liaison, united to solve cases and fight crime in the Spanish island.

Throughout its episodes it has cameos by well-known artists in our country such as Cristina Castaño, Carles Francino, Celia Freijeiro, José Luis García-Pérez, Gustavo Salmerón, Olga Hueso, Jan Cornet, Lucía Guerrero, Simón Andreu , Jorge Suquet, Gonzalo Ramos, Iván Marcos, Ana Gracia, Antonio Valero or Juan Pablo Shuk, among others.

On Telecinco the new episode of ‘Idol Kids’ (9:55 p.m.) will give a last chance to twelve candidates. Six participants will join the 36 already qualified for the semi-finals at previous galas.

For its part, The 1 bet on the return of ‘Journey to the center of TV’ (10:30 p.m.). The space, directed by Pedro Santos and with the voice of Santiago Segura, returns with a performance dedicated to music. ‘Bailad, bailad benditos’ will give pride of place to songs with the most famous choreographies, those that have made us dance for several decades.

New episodes of ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ at Cuatro

Cuatro offers new episodes of ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ at 10:55 p.m. In the first of them, a military veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress is devastated by the death of his brother-in-arms. Also, Crosby’s personal struggles come to the surface as the case begins to touch too close to home.

At laSexta, movie night with ‘Open Wound’ (10:30 p.m.). Orin Boyd is a Detroit agent who doesn’t like to follow the rules. After saving the Vice President of the United States -violating all orders received- he is sent to one of the most conflicted police stations in the city. There, he will soon encounter a series of corrupt policemen involved in a heroin-selling ring.

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