how to save all your files before it closes

Amazon announced the end of your storage service, after 11 years. The decision surprised its users who will be able to continue using this service until its final closing on December 31, 2023. Enough time to save all your files and choose another cloud service to save them. Then we explain how to do it.

Download and keep your files from Amazon Drive

As of October 31, 2022, the app will no longer be available in digital stores. After the storage service is closed, if we have not downloaded and transferred our files, they will be automatically deleted and we will no longer have access to them. Therefore, the best solution is to download them locally on our devices and find a new location for them. To host them, we can opt for several solutions that range from choosing any other storage service such as Dropbox, Google drive or Apple iCloud or save them locally on our computers, from hard drives to NAS storage systems.

Download from Amazon Drive

Download from Amazon Drive | TecnoSplora

  • Download content from Amazon Reader It’s very simple and it will take very little time for the download to start. For them we must access our account through the following link
  • To do this, open a new window in the Internet browser and navigate to the web page. Before we start downloading, we need to check the storage space that we are going to need and if the device on which we are going to download it has sufficient capacity to contain it.
  • After identify us with username and password and perform the subsequent two-step verification, we have access to the contents of our account.
  • In this way we can select folders and files that we want to download.
  • When selecting one or more items, at the top of the screen a new menu appears with several options, among which unload.
  • If we need to download all of its content, we can also do it in one step. By selecting all the folders and clicking on the download button at the top. This will start the download.
  • The time it takes us to fetch all the content from Amazon Reader It will depend on what all the information occupies and what type of connection we use.

When downloading, we must bear in mind that not all Amazon cloud services will disappear, because only document storage will. Therefore, if most of the space is occupied by photographs, they will not be deleted and will remain available to the user. For the moment, The Amazon Photos service is maintained as we know it so far. Once downloaded, we can use other cloud storage services, whether free or paid, always taking into account the volume of information we have, whether or not it is worth paying for the service. Among these we can find services such as those already mentioned Mega, Dropbox and Google Drivewhich offer us both alternatives and which we can choose according to our needs.


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