‘House of the Dragon’ will have less sexual violence than ‘Game of Thrones’

the dragon house, one of the protagonists of our podcast Ya vers, is just around the corner. Adaptation of fire and blood by George RR Martin to arrive at HBO Max August 22chronicling the convulsive past of Westeros and one of the bloodiest chapters of song of ice and fire. However, all the thematic and historical similarities with Game Of Thrones, the makers of the new series will seek a different approach to sexual violence shown in the previous adaptation and how they are represented on screen. It was confirmed Sara Hesse, a vanity lounge.

A different approach to sexual violence in the dragon house

dragon house, con Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik as showrunnersand Clare Kilner, Geeta V. Patel and Greg Yaitanes directing, adapting the production fire and bloodone of George RR Martin’s novels which takes us 300 years before the events seen in the first novel by song of ice and fire, the famous Game of Thrones. We will see the interiors of the dynasty of Targaryenthe most powerful and important house in Westeros for hundreds of years, adapting even the most critical and tragic moments of the dragon dancewhich was essentially a horrible civil war between different branches of dragon riders native to Valyria and their respectful followers and allies.

dragon house

“Violence against women is still a very important part of the world”, Hess explains about The House of the Dragon, something that has to do with the words Sapochnik himself has spoken in the past, explaining that the violent footage was filmed “with care” and being “considerate” with what is shown in the film. filter, morbid fleeing “I mean, we’re not going to hide anything. If anything, we’re going to shed light on this aspect. You can’t ignore the violence that men have perpetrated against women in such a setting or at a time particular. It shouldn’t be minimized and it shouldn’t be glorified,” the producer continued and showrunner respond to the controversy of certain controversial episodes of Game Of Thrones in the old days.

“I would like to clarify that we do not show sexual violence in the program”

“I would like to clarify that we do not show sexual violence in the program”the screenwriter nuanced vanity lounge about the series. “We manage this violence off-screen, but we show the consequences and the impact on the victim and the abuser’s mother,” she explains of a very specific case that will be seen on the show. “I think one thing the show does, that I’m proud of, is that we have chosen to focus on violence against women, which is inherent in a patriarchal system,” Hess continued in a statement sent to vanity loungewhile criticizing how other historical shows derive romanticization from this type of situation.

there are a lot of shows ‘hysterical’ or based on stories that idealize powerful men in their sexual relationships and matrimonial, showing some women who were not really old enough to give consent,” he concluded. the dragon house be available exclusively on HBO Max.

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