Here’s the trailer for Paldea, the Spain-inspired ‘Pokémon Scarlet and Purple’ region

This Wednesday at pokemon presents A series of novelties have been revealed for “Pokémon Scarlet and Purple”, the ninth generation of the saga which will arrive at the end of the year on the Nintendo Switch. In addition to knowing more details about the mechanics of the game and some of its characters, we were also able to immerse ourselves in Paldeathe map inspired by Spain where this open-world adventure will take place.

Pokemon described on the game’s official page Paldea as “a vast region full of lakes, high peaks, wastelands, and rugged mountain ranges” where the characters will live together in different locations. And, although we haven’t been able to explore it in detail yet, the toponymy and geographical features of the shared map images indicate that it is clearly located. inspired by the Iberian Peninsula.

‘Pokémon Scarlet and Purple’ and the Iberian Peninsula

The company explained that in ‘Pokémon Scarlet and Purple’ we will have a SmartRotom, a kind of smart device that will have different applications, including the Pokédex and the one that will allow us to explore on the map. Precisely, in the captures of the map appear the names of two places. One is Cahiz Trail, which is clearly linked to Cadiz. The other is Cave of the cove, which reminds us of La Caleta and its emblematic beaches. And, apparently, these are just some of the many examples that we will find in the game.

Pokemon Spain 1

When we start exploring Paldea we will have the possibility to explore it freely, alone or accompanied by three other players thanks to the cooperative multiplayer features, and to capture wild Pokémon that will be scattered everywhere. We will be allowed to choose one of the three available branches. In one of them we will be a trainer, himself a student at the Orange or Uva academy, and who must participate in the treasure hunt. The other adventures will be announced later.

Pokemon 12

We will also have the possibility of visiting the eight gymnasiums to defeat their respective leaders. We won’t have to follow any particular order. And throughout the game, as explained by our colleagues from 3DJuegos, we will meet several characters, including the professor of biology Cinio, who is responsible for operating the SmartRotom. In addition, among our friends there will be Noa, a shy girl who is always accompanied by her backpack and Damián, a fantastic cook and older than us.

If you are one of those who are thinking of starting to enjoy this game, in addition to being inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, you will have to wait a bit. The launch is scheduled for November 18 this year, so you have a few months to prepare for the franchise’s first open-world adventure. Is it a possibility for us to freely live a story? Soon we will know.

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