Health complains about the shortage of monkeypox vaccines in the Region of Murcia

Lab technicians handling the monkeypox virus. / efa

In the Community, 23 cases have already been confirmed, while in Spain the number of infections exceeds 4,500

Monkeypox continues its progression in Spain, with 4,577 confirmed cases until yesterday, according to data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network (Renave), published by the Ministry of Health, of which 23 have been registered in the region of Murcia, four more than those confirmed until last Sunday.

The Ministry of Health yesterday deplored the shortage of vaccines available to deal with this virus, since it has so far received only 76 doses, “a quantity barely sufficient to cope with the vaccination of close contacts. infected people,” ministry sources said.


  • 76
    this is the number of vaccines the Region has received to fight the disease.

  • 7,000
    the vaccines are those that Spain, which has 4,577 infected people, will receive in a few days.

The regional government, according to the same sources, has called on the Ministry of Health “to send enough vaccines so that communities can cope with the disease, in addition to developing a clear distribution protocol that ensures equity between different autonomy.

However, from the department headed by Juan José Pedreño, they criticized the ministry because, “once again, it shows its inefficiency and improvisation, since it only obtained 5,000 doses, despite the fact that we are the European country that presents the most cases, and He sent them to the autonomous communities more than two months after the detection of the disease in our country.

Specifically, in the Region, so far, 21 monkeypox vaccines have been administered to close contacts of infected persons.

Contagion rate is slowing

The rate of growth in the number of positives in Spain has slowed considerably since last week. On Monday, the outbreak was growing at half the speed of the previous Friday. In Spain there are 4,577 positives, 279 more infected than three days earlier. The growth rate of infections since last Friday is 6.5%, with about 93 patients per day. This is the first time since the start of the epidemic last May that the rate of expansion of the pandemic has slowed down.

In the rest of the week, or at the beginning of the next, Spain plans to receive some 7,000 additional vaccines to prevent contagion, an insufficient quantity for the needs.

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