He loses in the U-20 World Cup because he cannot control his penis

    When you use the rude expression ‘Running with p. out’ to express an athlete’s superiority in competition, you never think of something as literal as this It happened to Italian Alberto Nonino in the 400 meters of the decathlon of the U-20 World Championships in Athletics which has been disputed since Monday in Cali (Colombia).

    Alberto Nonino cums with cock outside


    The 18-year-old athlete fell victim to his inexperience when run without underwear and with pants more typical of long distance and road tests than speed tests. The consequences were noted from the start. Coming out of the first corner, the athlete should have already put his left hand in his pants because shis penis slipped under him and began to wobble, a situation that repeated five more times on the next corner and home stretch, where Nonino came in well placed but was passed by almost everyone to finish last with 51.57s.

    It is true that Nonino is not an outstanding athlete in the return to the track. With 51.12s, he started with the penultimate time of his series, but having to lose his arm and his concentration to hide his member surely did not help him achieve a better result. After five tries, he is 21st in a combination in which the Spaniard Pol Ferrer is in sixth position.

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    Beyond this curious anecdote, the first day of the championship has started the first gold medals for the Ethiopian Addisu Yihune (14:03.05) in the 5000m, where Jaime Migallón finished 14th, and for the Kenyan Betty Chelangat (9:01.03) in the 3,000m, and the classification of Marta Serrano for the 3,000m steeplechase final and Inés López for the shot put.

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