Greenalia shares are no longer listed on BME Growth after the delisting bid

MADRID, 3 years ago. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The board of directors of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) has agreed to remove BME Growth from listing on the market effective this Thursday, after the takeover bid for delisting by the company’s majority shareholders .

Thus, the 22.170 million shares of the renewable group with a nominal value of 0.02 euro each will cease to be listed.

The majority shareholders of Greenalia -Manuel García, founder and main shareholder of the company through the company Smarttia, and José María Castellano, former vice-president of Inditex and president of the renewable energy company- have accepted in their public offer to purchase of 83.02% of the shares for which it was intended, representing 11.29% of the company’s capital.

Thus, García, who already held 81.2% of the group via Smarttia, and Castellano, who controlled 5.2% via the company Alazady, thus reached nearly 98% of the company’s capital.

The offer was accepted by shareholders holding 2,503 million shares. Thus, after the takeover bid, Greenalia requested the cancellation of all of its shares.

El pasado mes de mayo, García y Castellano presented an exclusive takeover bid for an import of 17.5 euros for an effective action to hacerse con el 13.59% de la compañía que no controlan, lo que valoraba el grupo de renovables en 388 millions of euros.

The offer would be open to all holders of shares in the company other than the offerors and would be formulated as a sale, with all consideration in cash.


In 2021, Greenalia achieved a net profit of 12 million euros, compared to losses of 0.5 million euros the previous year.

The turnover of the renewable energy group increased by 78% in 2021, to 76.5 million euros, while the gross operating result (Ebitda) reached 38.6 million euros, in 251% increase.

Currently, Greenalia has six projects in operation, with an installed capacity of 125 megawatts (MW), plus nearly 1,000 MW under construction.

In addition, the group has established new business channels towards the United States in anticipation of its international expansion, initially planned for 2030. With the acquisition, in the second half of the year, of the Misae -695 MW photovoltaic project, in a ‘ready to build’, to which 170 MW of storage will be added, predicts that a very significant part of the revenues obtained in 2024 will come from the American country.

With this operation, the company ensures the development of the objectives set in its strategic plan, and extends its diversification to five technologies (‘onshore wind’, ‘offshore’, photovoltaic, storage and biomass) and two currencies (euro and dollar) .

In addition to this purchase, Greenalia has already begun to process new projects in the American country and will continue to study the purchase of other companies in the sector, with the aim of making rapid progress in a growing industry in the United States.

The operation of these projects, as well as future activities in the North American country, will be carried out by the recently created companies, Greenalia Power US and Greenalia Solar Power US.

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