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The month of August is coming, the holidays are coming for many and the headaches are coming to organize them. It doesn’t matter whether you travel by car, plane, train or boat, if you don’t travel alone, you will face the difficult task of create an itinerary for your trip If you don’t want to miss a detail.

Google is a fantastic tool for finding accommodation, transport and even discovering the most important monuments of the destination you are going to, but for some time you can have it all in one place: Google Travel.

All your travel information in one app

Thanks to this Google Travel, you can have all the information related to your travels on your mobile, and plan any activity from thereplaces to visit in the destination and ideas in case nothing you see catches your eye.

To get the app, all you have to do is search Google Travel in the browser from your mobile or enter url directly. Once inside, click on the three dots that you will see in your browser at the top right and select “Install app”.

will have been created an icon on your home screen, from which you can access Voyage. Now you can start planning your trip and experience all the app has to offer.

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Features of Google Travel

From the main page, the different sections will be arranged: you will have your journeys on the cover, but you can create one yourself of “Explore”, inspire you with the ‘What to do’ tab or find flights, hotels and vacation rentals with just one click.

If you already have a trip planned, Google will collect from your account all information of the trip: the destination, the flight times, the hotel you have booked and your arrival time… all of this will appear automatically on the main trip page.

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Below you have ideas for your trip. will show you the most visited places from the city, fate questions sorted by categories (costs, local favorites, transport, neighborhoods and events) and, in case you haven’t booked the hotel, will suggest where to stay with a colored price line so you don’t pay more.

For any other data missing from Google, you can add up to nine additional options by clicking on ‘Add to trip’, from where you can incorporate a rental car, an event or a restaurant where you have taken a table, among others.

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You also have a section where you will find recent research on the destinationin case before the trip was official you had found an interesting page with more information or had a question to which you had already forgotten the answer.

What we love most about Google Travel is its design, care down to the smallest detailand able to gather in a single application so much information, allowing users to organize a trip in detail, and with absolute accuracy on prices displayed in a very useful way in practically all means of transport, hotel and even rural houses.

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