FC Barcelona | Riqui Puig, has he left to return to Barça?

03/08/2022 at 08:00


Neither the previous directive nor the current directive trusted it

He has a lot of talent but, from what they say in the halls, it’s not as much as it seems

The most possible departure of Riqui Puig to MLS It caused all sorts of reactions on social media. But if one of them attracted attention by its roundness, it was Jorge D’Alessandro.

The coach and collaborator of ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ wrote on his Twitter account something that many think, both inside and outside FC Barcelona. “End stop. He’s going to the United States because he didn’t measure up. He’s just a player supported by a group of friends and some credit in the media groups”, sentenced the former goalkeeper of Salamanca. The comments were immediate but the truth is that Riqui’s story is also supported by Barca’s latest coaches: no Valverde, no Setien, no Koeman, no Xavi They counted on the Catalan player.

Neither the previous directive nor the current directive trusted it. Laporta has been very clear that this season he has to leave the club (although when he arrived he told Koeman he had to rely on him) and Xavi had already told him not to take him on tour. talent to spare but, from what they count in the hallways, it’s not as many as it seems. And this “group of friends” of which D’Alessandro speaks and which goes beyond the locker room has made him a kind of DNA flag. The fact that he opts for a minor league so young also raises a lot of suspicion about his capacity for sacrifice and his professional ambition. The truth is that if his present goes through the United States, he can also serve as a springboard for a future return to more competitive leagues.

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