Familiar Mediaset faces turn to hair and makeup team after mass layoff

A few days ago, in Mediaset has taken the drastic decision to lay off nearly 20 people who are part of the company’s hairdressing and makeup team. A service now responsible for covering an outside company and which has already been interrupted during the pandemic, when only the presenters were made up and combed on the premises of the company, but not the collaborators.

Lydia Lozano / Gtres
Lydia Lozano / Gtres

In total, eighteen people were affected by this decision, which sparked controversy among the company’s staff. The Mediaset Works Council indicated that this departure was carried out in a completely unilateral manner, leaving no possibility of negotiation and that the objective was outsource the service. Something that, by the way, has already happened with the tailoring service.

This decision caused reactions among Mediaset employees and reached the plateaus. In fact, some employees of the Save me program wanted to say goodbye to workers who are no longer part of the company and with whom they have maintained a very close relationship. That same Monday, during the broadcast of the program, some stood up and spoke: “The whole team wants to give a very strong kiss, including makeup, sound, direction, production. Everybody. A very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coaches”he said emphatically Lydia Lozano.

Terelu Campos in a file image. / Gtres

A few words to which he did not hesitate to join Terelu Campos. The eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos also claimed the service rendered by the hairdressers and make-up artists: “All our support for the best team of make-up and hairdressing professionals on all the television channels in this country, and I say it in knowingly. You have our love, you have our support and most importantly we have the friendship we have forged and that is the best thing we have between them and us,” the presenter said.

They were not the only ones to express themselves on this subject. Gem Lopezfor example, highlighted how much they took care of them: “They made us beautiful and loved us”, while Terelu clarified that in addition, those professionals who were fired were, on several occasions, their fabric of tears and “They have been in our good times and in our bad times. And they supported us all, that each of us belongs to our mother and our father”to have finished.

Also other collaborators and collaborators of the program, such as Adele GonzalezLaura Fa, Rafa Mora or Martha Lopez They joined in this farewell and tribute and stood up in the middle of the set.

For its part, the Mediaset works council denounced “the escalation of outsourcing” which is taking place in its channels. Which is striking given that the group of companies has “improved its profits by 11% in the last half-year”. A detail that did not expect at all that they wanted to save money and put many of the professionals who had worked in the chain until now on the street.

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