Epidemiologist Quique Bassat explains why there are so many cases of monkeypox in Spain – TV

Spain is one of the main countries in the world in cases of monkeypox. This disease, which spreads through very close contacts, has declared itself in Spain with virulence and in the rest of the world it is already worrying to the point that the SGD designated it as an international emergency. While we forget practically everything that covid has meant and its consequences, we hear epidemiologists and experts talking about a new disease: monkeypox.

Quique Bassat explains the monkeypox situation in Spain

Quique Bassat is one of the experts who takes to the media the most to explain some of the keys to the diseases that are making so much headlines. The experienced epidemiologist linked to AND P to explain why Spain is one of the top countries for monkeypox infections:

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