Elderly woman discovers she had a tumor thanks to an Apple Watch

The story of a grandmother in the United States crossed borders around the world and showed the importance of technology, due to the role that an Apple smartwatch played in the early detection of a tumor . Thanks to him this woman received prompt treatment and her survival was guaranteed.

This is Kim Durkee, a 67-year-old woman from Solon, Maine, who bought an Apple Watch to monitor his steps in the middle of his routine, in addition to being the tool that would allow him to ask for help if necessary. However, after two years of use, the watch was paired with the woman’s health status and started issuing alerts.

Apparently, after two warnings in which the watch told her that she had heart problems, the woman decided to go to the doctor. Well, By doing the corresponding medical tests, they realized that the woman had a small tumor in her heart, which was closing her blood flow.he therefore risked suffering a cardiovascular accident or even dying.

“I had no idea there was anything wrong with my body, not one…” confirmed the woman for local media Today, stating that had he not heeded the warnings of his watch, he would likely have suffered an irreversible diagnosis. “Doctors said I was like a silent time bomb,” he added, noting that he had no other symptoms that would have led him to suspect his condition.

So, after being diagnosed, Durkee underwent open-heart surgery that lasted five hours, in which the doctors managed to remove the dangerous four centimeter tumor that resided in his heart, so he would have ceased to be in great danger.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro will have the biggest change in years

The most advanced version of Apple’s new ‘smartwatch’, which will initially be called Apple Watch Series 8 Pro, will undergo the company’s biggest design change since 2018, when the Apple Watch Series 4 was launched.

As analyst Ming Chi Kuo announced a few days ago, the company is studying the marketing of three connected watches this year: the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch SE and a third model designed for extreme sports. .

Regarding the latter, the Pro edition, the specialized analyst portal Bloomberg, has confirmed that this ‘smartwatch’ will present “biggest screen ever, bigger battery and solid metal case.”

Concretely, the Apple Watch Pro will be a model cwith a larger surface to display more information. In this way it will present a screen about 7% larger than that of the previous series, in which the Apple Watch Series 7 is located.

The portal recently announced in its “Power On” newsletter, this device, whose launch is scheduled between September and December, It will present a very different format from the immediately preceding generations.

Considered “one of the company’s most exciting product launches”, The analyst recalled that in addition to including a larger screen and new sensors like body temperature, this device will have a “new” look.

He also pointed out that it will be the first time the company unveiled a new Apple Watch design since 2018. “It will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape and not circular,” he said.

The portal also noted that “it also won’t have those supposed flat sides” and that, in terms of manufacturing materials, the watch will have a more durable titanium formulation to make it tougher.

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