Chanel starts screaming in the street after hearing this news

After the success of ‘Slomo’, Chanel revealed that he has prepared new songs. Spain’s representative at Eurovisionhas announced to his fans that in the next few days he will be entering the studio and recording a song which he is very excited to release. “In a few days I’m going to go to the studio to record something that makes me very excited“, he had on his Instagram account this week.

The Cuban-born artist found out she already had a date to record a few days ago, after receiving a call that made her jump for joy. Chanel told her fans that she couldn’t contain her excitement when she heard the news. “When they called me, I literally started shouting in the street. What would it be? Oh my God!“, he confessed.

Chanel in her latest Instagram stories

Chanel’s new theme will surprise everyone

Soon I will be able to give you details, but I think you can’t imagine it“, he said in a story uploaded to his official Instagram account. Immediately after, his fans began to speculate on all kinds of theories about what the surprise Chanel prepared for them could be. Some even suspect that it could be a collaboration with Alejandro Sanz The two artists started following each other on Instagram.

The truth is that not so long ago Chanel was working on her trip to Miami in April with the producer Na’Vi, who works precisely con Alexander Sanz and other artists such as Danny Ocean, Ricky Martin or Pablo Alborán. The two coincidences set off all the alarms. For now, as he claimed a month ago in an interview, his new song will have “tasty” and “Latin essence.” “I can tell you it’s going to be amazing. Obviously it’s going to have a Latin essence. I was born in Cuba and it’s coming out of my pores. Little things are coming soon,” she said.
A collaboration with Rosalía?

We already know very well that Chanel is a big fan of the artist of ‘despise. Accompanied by Afkaryour partner and Josh Huertaone of his dancers at Eurovision, a few weeks ago we saw Chanel enjoy the Second concert of Rosalía in Madrid and end the evening in style: behind the scenes, where he met the singer. “You are an inspiration,” Chanel wrote in one of her stories of the concert.

Chanel poses with Rosalía after her second concert in Madrid TWITTER @ChanelTerrero

In addition, we have already seen Chanel learning to play the piano with one of Rosalía’s songs. It is “CUUUUUUUUUUTE”a song from his latest hit album, Motomami. Can you imagine a collaboration between these two divas?

Although the song has an electronic start, after its first chorus it turns into a emotional piano ballad, and it is this fragment that Chanel played and sang. “Butterflies roaming the streetsto see it, you have to go out”, can we hear in their stories from Instagram, in which you can also see on a chimney the trophy with whom she became the winner of the first edition of Benidorm Fest. “The first song I “played” on the piano. I will improve“, writes the artist, even if the truth is that it already sounds very, very good. Will we be able to hear a ballad of this style on your first album?

Chanel plays a Rosalía song on the piano INSTAGRAM @CHANELTERRERO

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