Belén Esteban forgets the baby because she knows love is about to end

Bethlehem Esteban She is already aware that the relationship between one of her best friends and her current partner is hanging by a thread. The tertuliana observed that the movements of the last days made her think that the couple formed by Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira was going to separate irremediably.

And it is that much has been said about this media couple since love was born in full reality from survivors.

Anabel Pantoja haggard and crying with a photo of serious Yulen

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In Cayos Cochinos, Belén Esteban’s friend fell into the arms of Yulen Pereira. From the first week of pre-coexistence before experiencing the greatest adventure of her existence, Isabel Pantoja’s niece was already shamelessly behind the fencer.

Belén Esteban knows it’s only a matter of days before it’s all over

We are talking about a relationship that has been forged over time. However, it appears to be waning now that the two have already returned to Spain after finishing survivors.

One of the biggest surprises that Belén Esteban took after the return of his friend Anabel from Cayos Cochinos was momentous. As soon as she arrived on Spanish soil, the young woman signed a contract with Let yourself be loved for find her ex, Omar Sánchez.

A televised meeting that set off all the alarms in Yulen Pereira. It didn’t give credit to the attitude Anabel had taken to see her ex-partner to, perhaps, fix a story that hadn’t been completely finalized.

Jealousy was notorious in the athlete and, despite everything, he endured the downpour in the debate of survivors published last Sunday.

Belén Esteban sees her best friend more independent than ever

He got off topic as best he could. knowing that it was a delicate matter that he would have to discuss with his partner. He ended up forgiving this strange decision of his girlfriend by going to the reunion with the canary.

Anabel Pantoja

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Thus, in recent hours, both the Sevillian and the Hispano-Cuban have spent many hours together exchanging confidences. And having fun in Madrid between lunch and dinner.

Also, it gave them time to meet Anabel’s mother, Merchi, who Yulen did wonders about and said was “fantastic and wonderful”.

What no one expected was that after those first three days together in the Spanish capital, Yulen and Anabel would go their separate ways to reunite with their family. It was Marta López who revealed in It’s summer that the two will be apart for a few days and the breakup rumors have emerged like wildfire.

They reveal the separate plans of the couple of the moment

“Anabel comes in very independent and the biggest obstacle is Yulen’s parents. I think they love each other. Anabel Pantoja he goes on vacation with his friends and Yulen Pereira with his parents”, revealed Marta López. Thus, the collaborator showed that Arelys and Manuel, Yulen’s parents, perhaps did not simplify things for the Sevillian.

Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja

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Plus, Anabel got candid after reuniting with Omar Sánchez on the set of Let yourself be loved. A more than emotional face to face in which they were able to bare their feelings.

“I wish we were friends and somehow we were both in each other’s lives, I don’t want to say goodbye to you.” This is how Belén Esteban’s friend explained, broken with pain. However, he ended up specifying that the Canarian windsurfer was and is a key person in his life.

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