Apple supports and fixes the audio problem on its Studio display

Apple launched earlier this year Studio displayyour new monitor since the launch of the Pro XDR display in 2019. This was announced, along with the mac studio, making it a good combination of computer and monitor. However, it has only been with us for a few months and already the Apple Studio Display has audio problems and the company gives a temporary solution.

Launched in March 2022, Apple’s new consumer-market monitors, Studio Displays, are hugely successful in their industry. And we’re talking about a 27″ panel con 5K resolution, 600nits and a wide color gamut that spans the spectrum P3. But, it also stands out for its audio, since it has a six hi-fi speakerscompatible with Dolby Atmos. Now, many users have reported issues with these speakers, prompting Apple to provide solutions.

Apple Studio Display audio issues are wide ranging

As several users report on Twitter, the problems that these monitors live with their speakers are very diverse. we have like this cortes sudden sounddistorted sound quality, the reproduction high speed audio and general playback issues. This is something that comes as a shock, given that one of the strengths of this monitor is its audio system. And that’s it, it has a 6-speaker system and a set of 3 microphones With studio quality, it not only excels in picture quality, but also in sound.

For this reason, part of its users are probably dedicated to the world of music, production and jobs that require something as basic as sound to function properly. To this we must add that the price of the Apple Studio Display starts from €1,779, a very high figure to then have problems. For this reason, imagine the frustration of its users on the networks, seeing that these audio problems appear occasionally. Thus, many comment that they have also suffered audio cuts and the like on more than one occasion.

Apple gives its solution: disconnect the screen and reconnect it after 10 seconds

Logging out of the Apple Studio display solution

Fortunately, consumer complaints on social media made Apple aware of what was going on. In fact, the Cupertino company has recognized these problems and, considering this, proceeds to provide its solution. something as simple as disconnect the current Apple Studio Display, the accessories connected to the display and wait ten seconds. After that, we reconnect the Studio Display to the power supply and the Apple monitor sound problems will disappear.

Now we understand why so many users claimed that this issue resolved itself, upon seeing the solution. In addition, Apple assures that the problems are not related to the Material of the device, but with the Software. Therefore, he promises that he will launch nail iOS update which offers a permanent fix. And that’s it, remember the Studio Display has an A13 chip and runs iOS, being able to receive these updates. Hopefully Apple manages to fix its monitor issues as the temporary fix is ​​quite tedious especially if it has to be done frequently.

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