Antolin loses 33.4 million due to chip crisis and economic uncertainty

The Antolin Group closed last semester with a attributable net loss of 33.4 million euros. This means multiplying by thirteen (+1.232%) the ‘red figures’ of a year earlier.

These losses, according to the company, are due to the current state of the sector, marked by the microchip supply crisis, the effects of the war in Ukraine and new mobility restrictions in China to deal with the pandemic. Even so, he stressed that he had a “solid and flexible” business.

On the other hand, its gross operating income (Ebitda) has been reduced by 15%, for €145.9 million. This reduction is due to a weaker first quarter, higher costs and late recording of material cost offsets by customers, which are expected to be recorded in the second half of the year.


The Spanish auto-component maker reduced its turnover by 0.8% from January to June, to 2,099 million euros. This result is in line with global vehicle production, which fell 1% during the semester.

In the first half of the year, the revenues increased in all regionsexcept in Europe, where they fell by 12.1%, to 986.1 million euros.

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The ace Sales in North America, they increased by 9.7%, to 722.7 million euros; in Asia-Pacific, 13.1%, to 307.4 million; in South America, 47.9%, up to €38 million; and in Africa, 16%, up to 44.8 million euros.

In the second quarter of the year, Antolin increased their losses net 3.6%, up €10.1 million. Ebitda, for its part, increased by 15.9%, to 86.4 million, mainly due to the increase in sales.


The company achieved a turnover of €1,117.9 million between April and June, 7.4% more compared to the same period of the previous year. However, in Europe, sales fell by 3.8%, to 20.9 million, due to the war in Ukraine.

In the rest of the markets, revenues have increased. North America improved its revenue by 21.6% to 67.8 million, and in Asia-Pacific it increased by 11.2% to 15.2 million. In South America and Africa, it also recorded sales growth of 67.9% (8.9 million) and 28.3% (5.6 million), respectively.

Future situation

The company estimated that in the second half of the year, the situation in the automotive industry will continue to be marked by important uncertainties. This is why the group will continue to focus on improving its efficiency, controlling its costs and its flexibility to adapt to the production of its customers.

Likewise, Grupo Antolin focuses on increase your profitability. Other priorities are to develop its strategy to consolidate itself as a global and innovative supplier of technological solutions for the interior of the car, as well as to increase its activity in markets with high growth potential, such as China or India.

environmental objectives

Finally, the manufacturer updated its environmental objectives and set itself the goal of reducing emissions carbon dioxide (CO2) by 75% in 2028 compared to the previously estimated 30% target.

At the same time, a new objective has been set for electricity consumption to increase 70% from renewable sources for the same year, against 35% previously.

Russia–Ukraine War

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