Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano’s struggle to save their marriage despite Gema the Embalmer

There’s no doubt Jose Ortega Cano lost his temper a few days agowhen he felt the cameras of Save me They once again insisted that he talk about his marriage crisis. The desperate bullfighter threatened to call the police if he was not left alone.

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There is no doubt that at 68 he is in poor health and this constant harassment could cause serious upheaval to him or his own life. There is also no doubt that every day the dogs of Paul Vasile They give the capo pieces of the Carthaginian transformed into pieces of the public: we talk on the sets of his imminent divorce with Ana Maria Aldonwhich hurts his mind because the gossip hurts his marriage, or what’s left of it.

Everyone knows that the teacher completely trusts his daughter Glory Camila, is influenced by the advice of the young woman and they are very close, sometimes too much. Because it is obvious that there is a domestic and personal rivalry between his wife Ana María and his daughter, as usually happens when a widower with older children remarries and another woman enters the house . Likewise, there is no doubt that sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, etc. who was the husband of sworn dew They talk too much, in front of and behind the cameras, and show an excess of protection towards the bullfighter who leaves his wife in bad shape.

But many things that are said about this marriage are not true. Relatives of the bullfighter clarify the truth about Aldón’s situation and Ortega Canoespecially her. La Sanluqueña has been out of the news for a few weeks, but that wasn’t a tactic to better sell a very expensive exclusive, heralding the end of her marriage. Ana María has been in treatment for 28 days with a psychoanalyst who has helped her to come out of the depression produced by the constant media agitation, fed daily by lies about her current life, about a supposedly shameful past and about the tensions servants, both with Gloria Camila and with her husband. Tensions that have continued to rise, fueled by the insistence of the sets, sometimes visited by the Andalusian, tempted by the easy money they gave her for her appearances.

It was said that Aldón was looking to buy an apartment to live in as soon as he got divorced. It is true that he wants his own house, because his daughter Egg yolk He will settle in Madrid, where he could find a job after having followed a training in thanatopraxy or thanatoesthetics, much in demand in the funeral directors. In other words, as an embalmer, like Lucía Lapiedra, the ex of Pipi Estrada, now known by her real name, Miriam Sánchez.

It’s not about Gema Aldón, with a boyfriend and mother of a daughter, living in Madrid in the Fuente del Fresno house shared by Ortega Cano, Ana María and their son Joseph Mary, 9 years. More logically, she goes to her mother’s new house, where Ana María also wants to have a place to work on her fashion and design projects. On the other hand, should Ortega Cano ever go missing (hopefully many years from now), the family home would be for his heirs, Gloria Camila, José Fernando and little José María. Aldón could continue to live there, although as a usufructuary. And given her strained relationship with the bullfighter’s daughter, she wouldn’t be comfortable living there.

Ana María and Ortega Cano are together. She came out of the mental slump from which she suffered for a long time and Ortega takes care with the museum of his professional life which he prepares in Madrid and often travels as an agent of a novillero. Aldón studies several proposals from Mediaset to participate in a program. She feels recovered and in good spirits and would like to save her marriage. If they let them.


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