An athlete decides to run without underwear and crosses the finish line last

The live it is a diploma. Let them tell the italian athlete Alberto Noninowho had the idea Course Fishing underpants the last series of 400 meters from decathlon from Under 20 Athletics World Cupwhat is disputed in Cali (Colombia). The 18-year-old athlete did not have too many reflexes when choosing the short pants: he wore baggy ones, more typical of background testingthan tight ones, adapted to the speed races, just like its rivals did. The results was inversely proportional to the initial objective: instead of being the fastest, he had to be aware of the bandazos who gave their genitals in each stride. It was the last.

It is difficult to understand that neither his coach nor their companionseven though rivals in the field, they will not warn you that Course without him penis well secured would be a problem. Beyond comfortthe technical of the athlete was totally seen decreases: I can’t hug good to have to hold your private parts and reposition the pants with the right arm.

couldn’t hit well

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Nonino tried. He occupied street five. At the exit of the first turn, he must have already put his hand on the pantyhose because his penis was escaping underneath. Even so, he remained in the top positions of the competition. However, as the meters go by, his dream fades away: he must grab his noble area five times on the next corner and the final straight. In doing so, his rivals overtook him and he crossed the finish line last, with a time of 51.57 seconds.

Nonino, who on July 9 was consecrated junior champ in Italy, he leaves Cali with the lesson learned. You go to the doctor with clean underwear, the saying goes. Tartan, with the genitals in a safe place.

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