AMD confirms the launch of its Ryzen 7000 CPUs and RX 7000 GPUs

Soon the new generation of processors will arrive from both AMD As Intel, who will compete to see who is the king of the consumer market. Rumors claimed that there were only a few months left for the launch of both companies’ processors, which Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, confirmed. processors Ryzen 7000 they already have Datethey will go out it’s the quarters and GPUs AMD RX7000 they will arrive at The end of the year.

Not much left for AMD Ryzen-based processors Zen 4 in the market, in the same way that Intel will bring its raptor lake. These will arrive to replace the current Intel Alder Lake and the AMD Ryzen Zen 3. However, the current market situation should be taken into account, where there is still a large stock of these products and they should lower price sooner or later to get there.

AMD CEO Lisa Su Confirms Ryzen 7000 Will Arrive Before October

Smooth Your AMD Ryzen 7000 September

Future AMD Ryzen 7000 rumors told us its date was destined to be fall. And that’s it, they were expected for the month of october initially, considering that in the United States, fall begins on September 22 and ends on December 22. Now, with Lisa Su’s confirmation, we know it kinda happens. earlier than expectedsince its release date is scheduled for this quarter.

So we can be sure that we have very little waiting time left to be able to have one of these AMD Ryzen 7000s in our hands. Comments are just around the corner, to see if they are really worth it. And that’s it, Intel with its Raptor Lake intends to make things difficult for the red side, but no doubt any competition is welcome.

“In the meantime, we are on track to launch our new Ryzen 7000 desktop processors from 5nm and the platforms AM5 at the end of this quarter with leadership performance in games and content creation,” said Lisa Su.

AMD RX 7000 GPUs coming later this year

AMD RX 7000 Final Date Year

With the current market situation, the recent devastation of the market for cryptocurrencies and the high manufacturing costs, added to the inflation there shortage, they do not place the material in the best place. Thus, it is likely that the new graphics cards from AMD are overshadowed by the launch of Nvidia, knowing that the latter sells much more in proportion. However, AMD GPUs RDNA3 promise great improvements performance and efficiency and the CEO of AMD did not forget to also specify its date.

It would be for the end of the year, although he does not specifically mention the fourth quarter, he simply assures that they will be published before 2023. It’s expected, but after seeing Intel delay its processors Fast Xeon Sapphire, one could imagine a similar event at AMD. However, this has not been the case, they will follow their roadmap and can deliver Zen 4 CPUs and GPUs Navi 31, Navi 32 there Navi 33 on time.

Finally, speaking of processors for servers, AMD will launch the CPU EPYC Genoa until 96 hearts Later this year. This means it will edge out Intel with its recently delayed Sapphire Rapids and could mean an outright win for AMD by gaining more market share.

“While we expect the gaming graphics market to contract in Q3, we remain focused on executing our GPU roadmap, including the launch of our high-end RDNA 3 GPU later this year. year.” This indicates that the company is on the right track with its GPU roadmap and will deliver Navi 3X on time.

Therefore, we only have to wait for the precise date of the official presentation, which could be joint or two separate events, remains to be seen.

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