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Although it is hard to believe, the docu-reality I am Georginaon Georgina Rodrigueza pair of Cristiano Ronaldo, devastated half the world. The series, a priori, could not be less appetizing: an apprentice millionaire teaches us what it is to live surrounded by luxuries, but not these luxuries like Downton Abbey, with dream houses but surrounded by art and ‘story, but luxuries each more useless and tacky. What a postmodern Cinderella, I am Georgina He revealed to us the daily life of someone who has money to spare thanks to his partner and wants to be famous at all costs. All seasoned with heavy doses of kitsch aesthetics and a complete lack of good taste. Already in the advertising poster itself, she appeared dressed in a fleece tracksuit and sneakers on the table as she took a burger with one hand and someone brought her a silver tray full of fries. It was like a homeland version of the kardashians or, at least, that’s how they wanted to sell it to us.

The irony is that she, rather than making you feel envious, ends up making you feel sorry for her. Despite the luxury, the exorbitant jewelry, the designer costumes, and the constant wasting of money, she doesn’t come across as a climber at any time, nor does she appear to have an arrogant air. She just looks like a girl overwhelmed by circumstance, for whom this world is big and that she’s being forced into something she doesn’t seem quite comfortable in. Georginain the end, appears as a dick attempt, more well-meaning than anything else, a simple apprentice of the jet set.

Teach life with fame and money

The idea of ​​teaching fame and money background, however, works. Or at least that must have been thought by the producers, who are now returning to the fray with Marquisthe docu-reality for Netflix from Tamara Falco, daughter of Isabelle Preysler and the deceased Carlos Falco, Marquis of Grinon. The series, which begins on August 4is shaping up to be another big hit, if only because, this time around, you’re really going to see what it’s like to have plenty of money from the cradle and rub shoulders with the jet from early childhood.

At the end, Tamara Falco has been covered Hi a few days after his birth. When she was born on November 20, nineteen eighty oneher mother was at the height of her glory: the Filipina had made herself known after her marriage to Julio Iglesias and, after their highly publicized divorce, had remarried Carlos Falco, who had introduced her into first-class aristocratic circles. After all he was Marquis of GrinonMarquess of Castelmoncayo and Grand of Spain and, from what is said and told, he was a charming and delightfully well-educated fellow.

Isabelle Preysler, elevated to the rank of Marchioness of Griñón, a title now held by her daughter, seemed born for her new status: not only was she wildly beautiful, but she knew how to be elegant like few others. With the help of her new husband, she refines herself, acquires a great culture and honors her gestures. In public events, it seemed like he was moving in slow motion, perfect so he always came out perfect in photos.

A new restaurant in the middle of the vineyards

Tamara came into the world surrounded by money and above all by vines. His father, after crossing the French high school of MadridHe studied agricultural engineering at the University of Leuven and specialized in agricultural economics at the University of California to Davids. Return to Spain, devoted himself to agriculture on his various estates: he owned “La Barquilla” and “Valero” in Cáceres and “Dominio de Valdepusa” and “Casa de Vacas” in Toledo. In Ash Village I had another The corner, now owned by Tamara. He harvested the grapes there and created very good wines (he was one of the promoters of the Cabernet Sauvignon in Castilla La Mancha).

Although he could have stayed home enjoying sufficient income, the truth is that Carlos Falco He decided to be an entrepreneur and it seems that this fearless tendency was inherited by his daughter. From what we already know, docu-reality Marquis will revolve around Tamara’s project to transform El Rincón into a high-end restaurant, for which she will have to make a lot of effort and, among other things, overcome her mother’s reluctance, Isabelle Preysler.

a dazzling race

Tamara, of course, he took a liking to this stove. Let us remember that, although she was known from birth to be the daughter of Isabelle Preyslerher big leap to fame for herself was given in November 2019, when she participated in and won the fourth edition of Celebrity Chef. This catapulted her to incredible notoriety which generated great profits. In September 2010, he joined the anthill and he doesn’t seem to stop chaining advertising contracts. his supporters in instagram They are springing up like foam and have launched their own fashion line which is said to be doing very well.

Tamara, intelligent as little despite being presented as somewhat naive, knows how to connect with a large audience. Despite her totally chic accent and her air of never having had to wash a plate in her life, she fits well and is accessible. She’s a mix between glamour, haute couture costumes and an ordinary girl who wants to carve out a future for herself and become independent from her mother’s house (she recently bought a large penthouse in Madrid’s Peñagrande district). The mix works, or so it seems.

Of course, there is a lot of work behind it and a very careful branding strategy, what experts now call Branding. At the end, Tamara He received a very careful education: he attended the best schools in Madrid and graduated in communication at the university Lake Forest College of Chicago. She took fashion design courses in Milan, worked for a season at Inditex and created her own fashion company in 2019.

Self-confidence in front of the cameras, in addition, it is not lacking. Even as a child, she made it very clear that, of all of Isabel Preysler’s children, she was going to be his true heir as queen of coated paper. And for now, it looks like he’s going to get it.

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