a cameraman passes out live and they have to cut the connection

Since completed Survivors 2022, Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira They are the most searched characters on television. For it Save me He assigned one of his historical reporters, Omar Suárez, to speak with them and find out more details about their relationship. This Tuesday, for example, the cameras were able to surprise the fencer and his mother leaving the house, which the journalist took advantage of to obtain more information.

However, during the live connection, something unexpected and very worrying happened: the cameraman accompanying Omar suffered heat stroke and he fainted. This meant that the connection had to be abruptly cut off to deal with the professional in front of the astonished gaze of the colleagues on the set.

'Save me' talks with Anabel Pantoja's Yulen Pereira

‘Save me’ talks with Anabel Pantoja’s Yulen Pereira

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It all happened when Carmen Borrego came out in Save me information regarding Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira’s intimacy: “She told someone that she rates relationships a 6, but she’s not worried because she’ll teach him.” From the Madrid town of Las Rozas, the journalist Omar Suárez intervened in direct connection with a: “The truth is that he told me that they did not stop and literally that he could not even walk” .

Since the beginning of the week, Omar has been on a mission to talk to the couple after the end of Survivors 2022. Indeed, during this affair, both the fencer and his mother, Arelys, and his cousin left the house, which allowed the journalist to ask them a few questions. “Are you in love with Anabel?” Was one of the questions Suárez asked Yulen.

‘Save me’: Omar Suárez gets into Yulen Pereira’s car

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Faced with the haste of the protagonists, the journalist from Save me She didn’t hesitate to get into the car driven by Arelys, accompanied by Yulen and her cousin. After a brief tour with them, during which the cameraman tried to catch up with them at a run, the journalist ended up getting out of the car.

“They took it with a great sense of humor. Yulen has a trip from Spain and comes back when Anabel comes back,” he explained. However, the surreal connection became alarming when viewers at home began to see how the image shook and shifted from place to place. side to side.

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“I have a problem,” Omar Suárez cut short. “Seriously, I have a problem with the camera. I’m serious. I have to cut. He’s dizzy,” he said with a very serious face.

Moment Save Me Cameraman Gets Heatstroke On Live And Passes Out

Moment Save Me Cameraman Gets Heatstroke On Live And Passes Out

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“How does heatstroke feel… Poor thing!” María Patiño and Adela González said on the set of Save me. So much so that Omar Suárez himself had to hold the camera while his partner collapsed. At that time, the program made way for a video so they could take care of their partner.

A few minutes after the incident, the journalist published a reassuring message about the state of health of his camera partner: “Thank you for the disturbing messages regarding my camera partner. We had to cut the connection because he collapsed at because of heatstroke, but thanks to the neighbors who were watching the show, and they came to help us, and at 112 he recovered.”

And, finally, the journalist praised the invaluable work that professionals in the sector carry out on the streets every day despite the difficulties and inconveniences of working with such extreme temperatures in recent days: “I take this opportunity to elevate my profession and that of all my colleagues, in addition to all the people from all sectors who work in the street and who very little, very few times, are valued”.

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