6 Characters We Want To See On The Series Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

HBO is working on a sequel to game of thrones Protagonized by Kit Haringtonwho returns for the character of Jon Snow. HERE the new. It’s one of many productions the platform has on the radar with material from George RR Martin.

The most immediate is the prequel titled Dragon House focused on the Targaryen dynasty with Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke and Paddy Considine. But on top of that are a few anime projects and other plans to expand the universe of game of thrones.

Now fine. Dragon House It will be released on August 21 (Soon we will show you our interview with the protagonists). HERE the teaser. As for the Jon Snow series, always no release date Elena, it’s not anything. And the only thing we can do is think of some possibilities with the story between the characters and the situations. Here we tell you.

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Aegon Targaryen

The end of the seventh season of game of thrones had one of the biggest reveals of the entire series. we discovered that Jon Snowwho was known to be Ned Stark’s bastard (in an alleged wartime slip by Robert Baratheon), was from noble blood and heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Through a vision of Bran alongside the Three-Eyed Ravenit is revealed to us that Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryan, the first son of King Aerys II and therefore heir to the throne. And of Lyanna StarkNed’s sister, and with whom Robert was in love.

Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryenand therefore, he becomes the rightful heir to the throne over Daenerys, who at the time of the reveal was in a relationship with him. His identity was kept secret so he wouldn’t be killed by Robertwho thought that Rhaegar had kidnapped Lyanna (his future wife).

In the spin-off of game of thrones we would like to see something useful with this information. By the end of the series, Snow’s first and last name didn’t matter, and regardless of his right to the throne and the events perpetrated by Daenerys, he was banished north of the wall. I hope they do something with this part and fully immerse themselves in flashbacks, for example, of how their parents’ relationship unfolded. SOMETHING!

One of the most endearing characters (not in a tender sense, certainly) of game of thrones and who did not belong to the main group, is Tormund Giantsbane, the tall red-haired guy from the Free People which is part of the group close to Mance Ryderthe king-beyond-the-wall.

Starts a relationship with Jon Snow in the third season when he, as Raven of the Night’s Watch, is brought by Ygritte to Mance Ryder, and joins them as a form of survival (this is when they climb the wall). They become friends when Jon Snow breaks with everything known at the time regarding the conflicts between Westeros and the Night’s Watch with the Free People.

Jon manages to make an alliance with him so that the Free Peoples cross the Wall safely in the face of the threat of the White Walkers. And then when the crows betray Jon as commander and kill him, Tormund rounds up people to take over and get revenge.

From here, no longer bound to the Watch, Jon travels to Winterfell to save his brother Rickon.. This he does with the help of Tormund and some of the Free Peoples in the spectacular episode of “Battle of the Basterds”.

And there’s more. Later, Tormund takes a castle from the wall and accompanies Jon to get a White Walker and convince Cersei to fight. At the end of game of thrones, when Jon is banished after killing Daenerys, Tormund accompanies him north of the wall. He tells her that he has never been happier than when he shared moments with Ygritte in this part of the north.

If there’s a Jon Snow-centric spin-off, we’d love to see Tormund one more time, because despite his involvement in some violent events, he always put a fun twist on things. Like when he greets Snow after being resurrected with a joke about his genitals, or his crush on Brianne of Tarth.


Yes or yes, in this production we have to see Ghost again. Because? Because nothing and no one was as faithful to a character (not Jaime with Cersei, to give you an idea) as Ghost with Jon Snow, who accompanied him throughout the eight seasons.

It’s more, Ghost appeared in the first episode of game of thrones when each of Ned Stark’s children were given a werewolf after their mother was found dead. All the wolves in the family protected the Starksand the only two that survived were Nymeria (she was freed after her way to King’s Landing) and Ghost, who was by Snow’s side throughout the engagement, including the Battle of Winterfell.

In the eighth season, there was an initial goodbye between Jon Snow and Ghost, which caused outrage among fans. Jon Snow inked him in Tormund who cuid in Ghost. As the wolf looks at his master, he simply ignores him without saying goodbye. Sorry…but no one says goodbye to a pet/companion like this.

The creators said that as Ghost was made with CGIit was hard for the character to say goodbye. It only made people more angry. It’s true. However, for the last episode, when Jon goes north, he meets Ghost again and pets him, and the wolf accompanies him to the other side of the wall. So we hope that this animal will appear in this new series.

children of the forest

During the first seven seasons of game of thrones, the story harnessed the resource of fantasy to create political drama. With the existence of the White Walkers led by the Night King and the dragons.

Over the years they have built a whole premise related to the history of Westeros, the first men who inhabited the place and the magic around everything. But for the eighth season, they dropped all that, and in three episodes they closed it without explaining a lot of exciting things.

Even the fan theories were better than what we saw at the end. But without entering into the debate, what must be said is that They left a lot of things open, and one of them was related to the Children of the Forest.

These creatures with magical qualities, it is believed, were the first to inhabit Westeros before the arrival of the First Men. Arrived on the spot, they began to cut down the trees where the faces of the gods had been carved, freeing a war of two thousand years.

children of the forest they captured one of the First Men, tied him to a tree, and fitted him with dragonglass, creating the first white walker known as the Night King.. But soon, their creation turned its back on them and they began to destroy everything, giving way to the famous Long Night.

With magic, the Children of the Forest helped create the Wall to stop the white walkers. For thousands of years they disappeared and became a myth, but When Bran walks through the wall and arrives with the Three-Eyed Raven, we find they are alive.

game of thrones showed us how powerful they are and how they sacrificed their lives to save Bran. Many fans expected to see them return in season eight to help the humans defeat the White Walkers, but they never showed up. The Jon Snow series could reveal more details about these creatures and bring back the fantastic elements of the story.

Samwell Tarly

If we expect Tormund to appear in the Jon Snow spin-off, the same goes for Samwell Tarly, the protagonist’s best friend and greatest confidant. Both are in the first season of game of thrones upon arriving at Castle Black as part of Night’s Watch.

While Snow wants to become a warrior, Samwell seeks to be the next maester of the place.. Their knowledge of history is vast, and as they travel north of the Wall, It explains some things related to the legend of the White Walkers. It is he who discovers that the dragonglass can kill them, for example.

Another highlight of Samwell Tarly is that with Bran, discovers that Jon Snow is a Targaryen. Against all odds, survive all adversity and be part of the group of people who will rebuild Westeros after Daenerys’ death. It would be fair to see him in this new series with his friend Jon Snow.

Drogon is one of Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons along with Rhaegal and Viserion. His name was born in honor of Khal Drogo, and this is the greatest, for which he became the main dragon.

At the end of the series, after the use of dragons in fights (against the white walkers and Cersei), two of them die and the only one who survives is Drogon. The last time we see him is in the final episode when he carries Daenerys’ body away after Jon Snow kills her. HERE more information on this.

Why would we like to see Drogon? First, for as far as we stayed, it was the only dragon left, and played an important role in the development of game of thrones. However, we venture to think about the possibility of there being more dragons and not just seeing Drogon.

In the end, no one believed the dragons would return, but Daenerys made it possible. The idea remains that these creatures will return and take the power they once had.

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