12 refreshing proposals for summer in the Nintendo Switch eShop

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In the wide variety of digital video games What can be found in eShop espaola of nintendo switch there are many titles ideal for summer: they are fun, original, refreshing and stimulating proposals, adapted to the different tastes of the community. Here is a selection of some of the best experiences you can play on your console this summer:

Portal Companion Collection

Gate there Portal 2 Two of the best and most original puzzle games of all time are finally here on Nintendo Switch with a collection entirely adapted to the console which is ideal to immerse yourself in during those summer months. Playing them on this new platform shows that their fun formula with portals and an intriguing background plot has not been lost and is still more than valid, that hasn’t lost a bit of freshnessand it does this by opening up to more audiences and allowing those of us who already enjoy them to play them again.


Inspired by traditional board games, gamedec we travel to the Warsaw of the future – specifically in the 22nd century – to become a detective cyberpunk that he will have to use his best techniques to unravel all sorts of mysteries. This is an old-school role-playing game, including isometric perspective, although he takes the detective side seriously by focusing exclusively on the investigation, so there will be no fighting. What matters here is the twisted plot we are up against, one in which we will also have to take important decisions which could alter the course of events.

Endling – Extinction is Eternal

The Spanish video game Endling – Extinction is Eternal makes us the last mama fox on Earth to be given the difficult task of take care of our puppies. To add more tension, the environment in which we move (in side perspective) is full of dangers: from humans who also want to survive the apocalypse to traps, animals and much more. It’s a game graphically beautifultense like few others and with an ecological background that will make us think from the dramatic point of view of the animal, at the same time it will offer us a stimulating experience of survival which will keep us glued to the screen for hours.

strange horticulture

Screenshot of Strange Horticulture on Nintendo Switch.

Having an herbalist to cultivate our botanical knowledge sounds like a utopian summer dream, but with strange horticulture It’s not that far from reality. In this particular video game, we become the regent of our own herbalist, a place to research plants, look for new species, chat with neighbors and even pet our kitten. Little by little we will realize that there is a mystery that goes beyond the plants themselves, so we will have to go out and explore the surroundings of Undermere, the picturesque town where our little store is, to try to find out what’s going on.


If you are looking for a refreshing game for this summer ElecHead is your ideal option: it is a two-dimensional puzzle adventure in which we control a small robot that conducts electricity with the battery on the head. This simple premise expands and twists into a wide variety of levels in which we must overcome the area taking advantage of this ability. He is a minimalist, light but very demanding work, whose puzzles are designed with great intelligence to get the most out of the brilliant idea behind the game. It doesn’t last long, just a few hours, but it’s enough to get the most out of excellent mechanics that gain depth as we go. let’s keep playing. To this we add a graphic section of only two colorss and a beautiful style soundtrack chipstune and we have an ideal game for the warm months.


Screenshot of Frogun on Nintendo Switch.

Frog will wake up our summer nostalgia offering us an action adventure and three-dimensional platforms in the purest Nintendo 64 or first PlayStation style. It’s a new game, but with the aesthetics of the time: we will have to travel in a lovely island, explore its different areas and levels, fight with enemies, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. All in a pleasant experience, with very colorful graphics, character customization, suitable for the whole family and completely adapted to the gameplay on Nintendo Switch; you can even unlock a cute competitive mode for two players!

South of the circle

Capture of South of the Circle on Nintendo Switch.

Summer is for reading? Well, it’s a great time to dive into some great stories, even if you don’t have to go to a book to find them: South of the circle is one of those video games that focus on deeper and more dramatic narrativewhich he uses to tell us a love story between two university professors in full War between. This captivating experience is full of emotions and nuances, in addition to being an artistic marvel that not only has a magnificent visual section but also with the collaboration (of voice and motion capture) of actors from Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey oh Chernobylamong other series and films.


To tell about horror stories in total darkness is also one of the main traditions of summer nights, which is why we can only recommend MADISON, one of the scariest and best conducted horror games to come to Nintendo Switch recently. It is a narrative exploration adventure in first person in which we will have to unravel the mystery of why we appeared in a dark room with only a camera in our hands. obviously that cmara instantnea This is the key to everything, since he has the ability to unite the world of the living with that of the dead. Will we use it to survive this demonic madness or will we go further? This decision is entirely up to us.

Time on Frog Island

Time capture on Frog Island.

We can’t talk about summer without recommending a game like Time on Frog Islanda three-dimensional adventure that takes us to discover a paradise isleo plagado de ranas. There we will have to make friends with the particular inhabitants of the place to have our boat repaired and return the way we came, although in the meantime we will have time to enjoy this well-deserved vacation: we will be able fish and collectwe will look for objects to exchange with the neighbors, we will find treasures and we will discover new ways to get around around the island after unlocking skills inspired by our friends the frogs.


Capture of Mini Highways on Switch.

If you are looking for a endless pastime for hot afternoons, try Mini-highwaysa new game from the creators of fantasy Mini-metro who repeat with the same experience or more addictive still. Here, we do not control the metro lines, but the highways; we will have to carve out new communication routes in a pristine city, managing our resources well so that traffic is kept in constant motion and using different constructions (from roundabouts to highways) to bring this minimalist urban space to life Inspired by real cities.

Stanley Ultra Deluxe Satellite Dish

One of the best indie development video games is now available on Nintendo Switch. It is Stanley Ultra Deluxe Satellite Dish, an updated version of the classic first-person narrative exploration adventure. In this particular project, we have become a worker stuck in an endless loop; our actions are dictated by an omniscient narrator, but what happens when we stop listening to it? This is the only way to unlock all available endings in this game. hilarious and thoughtful title which will brighten up our summer evenings.


In Bugnax We go to the island of Tentempi to become researchers and hunters of Bichisnax, mysterious half-animal, half-food creatures. There are more than 100 different types, each with their own routine that you will have to discover if you want to appropriate them. Along the way, we will discover the life of the neighbors who live in this special island, helping them to rebuild their city according to the requests they send to us. All this will lead us to discover the mystery that surrounds these beautiful creatureswhich have a singular characteristic: they mutate the body of those who eat them.

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