These are the best-selling cars of the month of July

The month of July ends with a further drop in registrations. Compared to July of the previous year, the sale of passenger cars and SUVs fell by 12.5%and so far this year has accumulated a 11% decreaseaccording to data from associations of manufacturers (Anfac), dealers (Faconauto) and official and independent distributors (Ganvam).

From this drop in sales, they only improve their data three segments: utility vehicles, large minivans and premium SUVs.

On the one hand, utility they represent 24.89% of this month’s quota and increased their registrations by 3.24%; on the other hand, large minivans weigh barely 0.1% of market share this month (0.08%), rising from 33 to 158 registered units; and finally, premium SUVs, with a slightly larger share (0.1%), saw their registrations increase by 26%, from 42 in 2021 to 53 in 2022.

Regarding the type of fuel, gasoline cars continue to dominate sales, with 46.4% of the shares. The group made up of electric, hybrid, hydrogen and gasoline cars follows closely, with 36.8% of registrations. On the other hand, diesel retains its third place by type of fuel (16.8%).

By model, here are the best-selling vehicles in July:

1 – Dacia Sandero

The Sandero has managed to rise to first position thanks to its low price, since it is sold from 12,590 euros. Its small dimensions, combined with its good stability, also make it ideal for getting around town.

2 – Vauxhall Corsa

The small Opel from the Figueruelas plant returns to the restricted group of the ten best sellers with a renewed design, the latest technological developments in safety, driving aids and entertainment, and electrified variants. Its price starts from 16,850 euros.

3-Hyundai Tucson

Available in diesel, petrol, hybrid and plug-in hybrid, Hyundai’s SUV stands out for its technology and versatility, as it is suitable for both long journeys and driving in the center of cities with restrictions. It is on sale from 25,625 euros.

4-Peugeot 2008

The 2008, made in Vigo, has a 100% electric option with a range of 320 kilometers. It stands out for its design, with an imposing front end and distinctive lion company headlights. Its price starts at 24,090 euros, although the least polluting variants can greatly exceed its cost.

5- Ford Kuga

One of the most popular plug-in hybrids on the European market, it also comes in petrol and diesel versions. For many, an ideal mix between style and interior space. Its price starts from 36,869 euros.

6 – Citroen C4

Manufactured in the Madrid factory of the Stellantis group in Villaverde (Madrid), the e-C4 is a car with a great personality. It is an off-road type vehicle, with a dynamic and modern appearance. In addition to the electric version, it is sold in petrol and diesel versions for a price that starts at 21,480 euros.

7-Toyota Yaris

The one that was chosen Car of the Year in Europe in 2021 continues to present good data today in the Spanish market. It stands out for its striking design, as well as its advanced security. Its base price is 22,150 euros.

8- Fiat 500

With very small dimensions and very rounded lines, the design of the 500 alone arouses the interest of a large part of the public. In addition, in its latest update, it is also offered in 100% electric mode, with which to take advantage of all its urban potential. Thus, its price starts from 17,000 euros.

9 – Renault Captur

The new Captur range, although it offers the petrol option, stands out above all for its plug-in hybrid variant, with which you can travel about 50 kilometers. In its less equipped version, this SUV starts at a price of 19,789 euros.

10 – Kia Stonic

This crossover stands out with its horizontal lines and two fully customizable tones. It also offers a range of 48 V petrol mid-hybrid engines. Its price starts at 17,800 euros.


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