Porsche will develop motors for its e-bikes and also for other brands – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The acquisition a few months ago of the entire German company Fazua was the turning point to show that Porsche has a real interest, well beyond marketing, in the electric bikes. Another demonstration of this is the new announcement made by the German brand. By joint venture created with Ponooc will develop high power drive systems for e-bikes later will implement in its own models and that it will also offer to third-party brands.

Earlier this year, Porsche entered into a strategic partnership with Ponooc Investment BV, a Dutch company specializing in sustainable energy transport solutions. It became part of Pon Holdings BV, a trading and service group operating in the bicycle and automotive sectors. Porsche announced that John Beckerformer CEO of Porsche Lifestyle will take responsibility for boosting the market for its e-bikes by becoming responsible for Porsche e-bike performance.

Thanks to the joint venture, the brand will develop drive systems for e-bikes. In addition to the hardware, the project includes the necessary software that manages the motors and the bikes themselves. According to Porsche, it plans to develop a new system for e-bikes”particularly powerful” which it will use in its own products and which it will also sell to other brands, such as P2, another joint venture that is also behind the automaker.

Porsche motors e-bikes - interior
Porsche will use the engines in its own products and also sell them to other brands, such as P2, another joint venture that is also behind the automaker.

P2 intends to use powertrains developed by Porsche to launch a new generation of electric bikes which will be present on the market in the middle of the decade. It will be led by Moritz Failenschmid, who is also the managing director of Focus Bikes. “We see great potential for Porsche in the e-bike segment. That is why we are constantly expanding our activities in this area,” said Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and Management. IT, which has placed its trust in Jan Becker and Moritz Failenschmid, for whom considers experts “when it comes to creating and developing future-oriented and customer-oriented companies”.

Porsche announced in June the acquisition of the entire German company fazua, specialist in the manufacture of assistance systems for electric bicycles. In February, had already acquired 20% of the shares of this company, which has shown its commitment to the electric micromobility market and more particularly to that of electric bicycles. At that time, he left open the option of taking over the entire company, which, a few months later, was confirmed. Experts from this company, known for being the creator of lightweight e-bikes, now work for Porsche eBike Performance.

Porsche buys Fazua electrical systems for e-bikes
Porsche announced in June the acquisition of the entire German company Fazua.

“As is tradition at Porsche, it’s about developing products that inspire people through intelligent design, sophisticated technology and outstanding performance,” said Meschke.

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